Sunday, July 24, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

I like all of the songs I've heard from Azure Ray, but "
Seven Days" is by far one of my favorites. It starts off deceptively as simply an atmospheric, dark song, but then within a few bars it turns into something darkly beautiful. I would say download what you can from this site (especially the song "Displaced") and from their label site Saddle Creek (home of two of my other favorite bands--Bright Eyes and Now It's Overhead.)

This is opposite from what I usually like in a song. Well, not so much the sound of the song, but the sentiment. It's an anti-love song. It's called "
Hardcore Days and Softcore Nights" (love the title!) and it's by Aqueduct. The singer tells the subject "Don't ever ask me where I go... if you do I'll be hostile acting." Generally I go for the "tell me everything about yourself because I lurve you" song. I forgive the unfriendliness of the song, though, 'cause I like it. Warning about Insound mp3s: I don't know why, but if you right click and try to save it sometimes it saves as an unidentifiable file. For it to save as an mp3, you usually have to click directly on it. That annoys me because that means when I go back to look at it later, all I'll see is hostile.mp3 or whatever. I won't know where I got it, or who it's by. Oh well.

I've linked to the band Boat before, but there's another song of theirs that I've been just going crazy over, and I wanted to post a link to it. There are a ton of songs on this page, but my favorite right now is "
Return of the Rainbow Shoelace," because I am a super freaky chick. (Click on "music.")

I didn't post this band before because honestly the name of the band disturbs me too much. I can take names like "I love you but I've chosen darkness" and names involving sex-acts, but anything involving animal cruelty is difficult to deal with. So I never posted Dogs Die in Hot Cars. I love this song "
Man Bites Man" so much, though. (it is the second coming of my cherished new wave music!) My friend Shane and I decided that we're sure they meant it as a public service announcement, and as animal lovers we should be grateful to them. We even thought of several other PSAs that would make good band names, but I can't remember any of them now. If Shane remembers any, he can post them. I'm doing this as a yousendit link 'cause I can't remember where I got this mp3 from. If anyone knows where I most likely got it/where it can be found, please let me know. Please remember yousendit links expire in seven days.


I've been in a major Annie Lennox mood lately. I don't know what brought it on--I think it's because one of my LJ friends likes her too (hello Faerishimmer!). I've brought out the Eurythmics album Savage (my favorite) and burned it onto my
computer. I've been listening to it steadily for awhile. I love all the songs, and while it's hard to pick a favorite, "
Shame" and "Savage" are the two songs I go to over and over again. Once again yousendit links.

If any of these links don't work, please let me know. If you ever miss the windows on any of these links and would like me to repost them, also let me know. I may actually force mixed cds on you (tho CerulG and Frznfishstick are still waiting on theirs...Lola's been very tired...)

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Beat said...

'Man Bites Man' was my very favorite song of all last year! So irresistibly catchy. Occasionally at work my fellow co-employees will bounce around yelping, 'Spam, spiced ham' because they originally thought that's what the fella was singing. Crazy.