Monday, July 04, 2005

I'm going to frikkin' try this again.

Technically Eight Songs (and one video) I'm Loving This Week

I really like what I've heard from the band Ballboy. I'd never heard of them before yesterday (shameful), but Sean at Said the Gramophone said some wonderful things about them, so I downloaded everything he offered and everything available on the band's site. So far the two that stand out to me the most are "I Lost You But I Found Country Music," and "I Hate Scotland." (Which I don't--just clearing that up.) Click on the right where it says "downloads."

Unfortunately, what has turned out to be one of my favorite Arcade Fire songs, "Cars and Telephones" has been removed from where I found it, on Popsheep. I know mp3 blogs tend to remove songs within a week or so, and damnit if I ain't always too late. I've got to hire an assistant. That's all there is to it. I hope they don't mind working for salsa, chips and green apple beer. And since they're my assistant, they actually go to the store for the salsa, chips and beer.

I've been wanting to link to this song for months, but I got it through my subscription to Paste Magazine, and I don't think the downloads on their site are available for the general public. So I've been staring at his name on my little notebook file entitled "five songs" for months. I really love this song. So, through the magic of yousendit (I hope they don't take away my priviledges ever), I bring you Jai Agnish, "How You Dream."

Final Fantasy, "The Cn Tower Belongs To The Dead. Sixeyes doesn't say much good about this band's material, but I like this song alot. :) The band doesn't appear to have anything to do with the game by the same name; in fact, the guy's name is Owen Pallett, and he's worked with The Arcade Fire (he plays strings for them) and Hidden Cameras. He's a member of the band Les Mouches, also.

Engineers, "Come In Out of the Rain". I linked to a stream of songs by the band Engineers a few months ago. I really liked what I heard, but I couldn't find an mp3 for them. Well, I just happened to stumble across one the other day (thanks to Sixeyes), and I really like this song.

I just love the few songs I've heard from this band named Boat. I don't remember how I stumbled on their site; probably through another mp3 blog. I've been listening to "Holding The Globe every day for at least a month. I always feel a little happier when it comes on my mp3 player.

The Fast Computers, " Magic In The Air." I really like this song. I just downloaded it a few days ago (Oh God, I'm so behind. Someone get me an assistant! Stat!) and I'm just all in love with it.


I recently linked to a song from a band I'm really liking called Smog. They've apparently been around for awhile (1990), but we won't talk about slow I am to catch on to things because I don't want everyone to know what a loser I am :) I'm not going to relink to another song, because I usually wait at least a few months before posting a band twice. However, here is a very sad video for a very excellent new song of theirs called "I Feel Like The Mother Of The World." The video is so sad it makes me okay with being single. The guy's voice reminds me of the guy from The National.

I have tons more songs to link to, but I'm tired and I have to get ready to go out with my friends, who though they may not realize it, are my best friends. I may link to some other songs later in the week.

*Whoa...I just made a cool discovery. If I copy and paste this list from my livejournal, it not only pastes the texts, but it pastes the embedded links! (Hush to everyone who already knew that.) Less work for me!*

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