Saturday, January 29, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

I spent hours trying to figure out which website I got this song from, but I can't find it. I've looked at every single music website I have in both my browsers. I must've gotten it from some strange place that even the most seasoned, hard-boiled detective couldn't find. Oh well. Here's a stream. Song number one is:

Lioness, and it's by a band from Chicago called Caviar. I've never heard of them before yesterday (though I downloaded it at least a week ago), but I love this song. There's a stream of the song at the bottom left of the website. The song reminds me of The Thompson Twins--if The Thompson Twins were American and formed in the 00's.

Next song is Make Out Music For the Emotionally Impaired, by Beltline. This song is absolutely wonderful. It's not a heavy song, it's one of those airy, hypnotic songs I like. It might be best not to listen to it while driving.

The next two songs are videos. I looked everywhere for an mp3 of this song--mainly because I loved the song and wanted it on my mp3 player. I can't go to Musicmatch right now because of financial issues. I also wanted to be able to link to a download in case anyone is interested. It was not meant to be, though, so here's a link to the video for Chocolate, Snow Patrol. (Speaking of which--no! No! I will not eat the candy bar in the kitchen!)

The second video is for a song from an album I've had for over a year, but it's a band I really like, and the video is nice. The name is We Will Become Silhouettes, and it's by The Postal Service. It's directed by the guy who directed Napoleon Dynamite. Alas, no out of control afros. Just some disturbing 60's nuclear family imagery.

And lastly, we have Virginia Don't Drown, by Chin Up Chin Up. I just like this song. It's cool. It's strange.

Time to go get my hair cut.

Sunday, January 23, 2005


Arcade Fire, The "
Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)" I love this band! They're not like anything I've heard. A little warning: CNET is having a little downloading trouble right now, but it's the only place I could find an mp3 for this song.

Ambulance, Ltd. "
Straight As" One of my favorite new bands.

Amy Annelle "
Soft City" This album's been out for a few years, but I've just heard of her. She's the lead singer of The Places, which is a band I like alright, but I consider too dour even for me. This song is really pretty, though. The song itself reminds me of something Lori Carson would write. I can't find where I got the mp3, so I'm linking to the Barnes & Noble site which has a sample to stream.

Aerovox "
Don't Fade Out" A little Greenday sounding (which is okay with me.) I like it. I really like the guitar.

Sleep Station "
Caroline, London 1940" It's a little boppy, which of course I love.

Monday, January 17, 2005

I'm trying so hard to work on this blog. I know it looks like crap now (From what I hear it's so bright it can be seen from the Hyugens probe. Meanwhile, in keeping with the mission of the blog, here are some songs I'm currently loving:

Now It's Overhead "Blackout Curtain". Such a cool song! The mp3 is available on
insound, just search for the band by name. The song's a few
years old, but what can I say? I just heard them for the first time a few months ago. Even I'm not perfect.

PG Six "
Old Man On The Mountain" Dark, haunting and slightly folky (in a good Simon & Garfunkel kind of way.)

The National "
Wasps Nest" Cool song. Scroll down to the 12/3 listings.

DeVotchka" I listened to the whole radio show and I was just knocked over. I couldn't believe such an amazing mix of music could exist, in one thirty minute set, from one set of musicians. It's incredible.

I Can't Even Open My Eyes" by I don't mind The Air. I found this band through livejournal. I don't believe they're signed, but they should be. Perhaps through exposure on my livejournal? (Laughter roars through the web...provided someone actually read that) Anyways, the music's really cool and Mike, the lead everything, actually posts to my livejournal, so that's enough of an endorsement for me.

Promise the World" by The Spaceshots. I don't like all the songs I've heard by this band, mainly because they're too pop-punk. However, this song rocks like no other pop-punk song.

Untitled" by The Standard. Scroll down for an mp3 of the song. I don't know anything about this band (other than the lead singer, though male, sounds uncannily like Johnette Napolitino from Concrete Blonde) but this song is a very nice, easy-going song that rides along on it's own wave. It burrowed into my sub-conscious during my long busrides home and now it's permanently a part of me.

Retroactively, there's "
Arcadia, "Missing." Pretty Pretty song! After 20 years (Oh my God. I'm so old.) This is still one of my favorite albums, and will stand the test of time with me. The whole album is beautiful, but "Missing" is one of the songs that still make me sit down and listen, no matter what I'm doing.

Bellglide, "
Addiction." Very nice female vocals. Very emotional. I'm
trying to find an mp3, but so far I can't. When the website pops up, this is the first song that comes on.

Tegan and Sara, "
Walking With a Ghost." They're twins! They
rock! They're from Canada! from So Jealous. Go to the audio section of the site for the download. It takes a minute before you can click on audio.

A Man Called Sun, "
The Traveller." Okay, just try
to get over the fact that at the beginning the singer sounds like the Oasis guy while he's throwing up. I like the
music alot.

Damien Jurado, "
Paperwings" From
the album I Break Chairs. This guy has made some of my favorite songs. The song's about two years old, but the guy label hops so much it's hard to keep up! Hopefully he'll stick with subpop for awhile.

Asteroid #4 "
Honeyspot." Cool little alt-country song.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

I'm working on getting this blog looking the way I'd like it to. I have a few obstacles; one being that I have absolutely 0 HTML training and very little knowledge of how it works. I've been coasting on the knowledge that I can safely replace any text that's not in brackets. Yes, that is the secret of HTML. In other words, if I don't have a template, I'm screwed. But I do have a template, and hopefully I can't damage too much by playing with it. (Headline tomorrow: Blogger inexplicably brought down by one ignorant user. Livejournal cancels her account out of fear.)

So, I'm trying to plug in some of my favorite music links. What I don't know about HTML, I make up in pop-culture knowledge.

My next project with blogger is trying to change the colors of text. I was trying to change the "comments" link color and I ended up changing everything to yellow. I mean, I love Coldplay and all, but enough yellow.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

This is a new beginning for my blogspot. I'm transforming it. It will now have purpose (unlike me.) I'm dedicating it to posting reviews and links for my favorite bands. On my old website I had links for at least a hundred bands, and though I can't afford that anymore, I miss having an outlet for my obsession.