Sunday, November 27, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

As usual I've waited until the last minute. An hour and a half until I'm due to be picked up to go see Tegan and Sara, and I haven't even gotten ready yet. Oh well. Let's see what magic I can perform in half an hour.

First, We have Kieran Hebden, AKA Four Tet. Four Tet isn't a band; it isn't even a collective. It's one guy in a London flat, turning out weird and surprising music using a computer, a turntable and some other odds and ends. It's like a jazz collective without the collective (or the usual instruments). The song "Smile Around The Face" is an excellent example of what this one talented musician can do with very little aid.

All the songs in 3Hive's Fast Computers post are excellent; I posted "Magic in the Air" a few months ago. Lately, though, I've been listening to "I Want to Be Your Professor" and "Don't Talk". I just love the idea of someone saying they want to be my professor, and wanting "to
teach me everything". There's something inherently desirable about the teacher/student thing. You know you liked that Police song. Don't pretend you didn't. ("Don't Talk" can also be found on Beat The Indie Drum).

Now that my gratuitous "too much information" part of the post is over, I'll continue. I just heard "Nearly Midnight" by David Francey for the first time today. Big Bad Bit (Hey--a Bit can be intimidating) made a comment in my blog, so I went over to hers and listened to the songs on the first few posts. This one stood out the most for me. His voice sounds very Irish, but his website says he's Canadian. He could be both. Or...he could be neither. He could be lying to us all...Anyways, now that I've entered the non-sensical portion of the post, I'll go on to say that I'm glad I came across this song and this musician. (Oh, and if I'd bothered to read the Biography part of his site, I would've seen that he was born in Scotland. )

How am I doing on time? Seven minutes? Ah, I'll make it. Well, I might've made it if I hadn't spent five minutes looking for this great song by the band Bottom of the Hudson, "Holiday Machine" The main problem was I thought that Holiday Machine was the name of the band. Leave me alone--I get confused. I have Her Space Holiday and Immaculate Machine mp3s--throwing in a song called "Holiday Machine" was a recipe for confusion. Anyway, I really like this song-I will say the vocals are too muffled; I can't hear him very well or decipher what he's saying. Eh, most of the music I listen to is muffled, anyway. The music reminds me of a not-so-nihilistic The Swans--the singer even sounds like him--muffled and all. I don't know what a Holiday Machine is, but he says "there's nothing here to live for, nothing left to breathe" so maybe he's hoping for a machine that will make a holiday for him...

Retroactively, I have a remix of a song I love by a band whose lead singer has formed several bands I admire, and also has made exceptional music under his own name. Lou Barlow, the singer/songwriter/principal member of Folk Implosion was also a founding member of Sebadoh and Dinosaur, Jr. The song I think of first when I think of Folk Implosion is "Insinuation". If you haven't heard this song, or don't remember, then I say definitely download it now. This was one of the seminal songs of the 90s, damn whatever the mainstream radio stations were playing.

That's it for this week. Sorry it was rushed--I should've done this yesterday, but I got stuck destroying my music blog and crying and pleading with the universe until I got it

put back together. It looks alright on my screen; I hope it does on every one else's.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

I hate what I've done to my beautiful blog. I saved the template so I can switch back at anytime, but I want it to work in Mozilla. This works in Mozilla.

I want the bullets gone.

I also need to mess around with the colors a bit more.

EDITED: I like it a little better now, but I need to mess around with it some more. It looks better in Firefox than it did--that's for sure (well, my Firefox, anyway).

EDITED: I'm panicking now. It looks great in Firefox (to me, anyway) but it still has that horrible, horrible background and crap in Internet Explorer. How do I change that without changing the way it looks in Mozilla?

Maybe it's just my Internet Explorer. Is it pink with a white/light green side on anyone else's screen?

ETA: Got rid of the sidebar and the pink background. All is well now.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Five Songs I've Loving This Week

Okay, now that I've spent hours trying to compose this Five Songs post...(hey, don't blame me. Blame OKCupid. and Friendster. and Livejournal...and the episode of Numb3rs I taped...and my mother calling...and the fact that I only heard a few songs I liked this week.)

You get the idea. Anyways, this has taken me longer than usual because I've been distracted by the internet, and it's almost time for me to start thinking about going to bed, so this installment may be a little low on the exposition. It will be high on nonsense, though, as it always is.

The first song,"Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well," I heard through MTV2's Subterranean program, meaning they played the video and it also happened to be accompanied by the song. It's kind of cool how when you see a video you almost always get to hear the song at the same time (unless your sound is blown out, or you have the sound turned down). It's not like you always see the video for a song when you're hearing the song. Well, if I had the IPOD Nano or something with similar technology, I could.

It's a pretty awesome song and it's by Mike Doughty. The video just has him lying down in the middle of a park, but I promise there's much more to the song than that. He may not even be lying down at all in the song, for all I know. Anyways, he's the former lead singer of Soul Coughing, and while I didn't know much about that band I will say I love what I've heard so far from him.

The second song has simply become one of my favorite songs in the world. I've been listening to it for months, but I've never posted it because I already posted a song from them called "Vivian Girls." Well, I love this song so much that I simply must post it. It deserves it's own post--heck, it deserves its own webpage. That's how much I love it. It's called "Wheats", and it's by Mazarin. Tell me you won't love it when he says "I must have spent 30 rainy days writing this simple melody to tell you that I'm over you, but, oh yeah, that's right ­ I'm not over you". Tell me your heart doesn't break a little for him :) The song isn't exactly new--I googled it and found references to it from 1999. As I've said before, greatness never expires (which is really the only argument I have for saying I'm immortal) :)

The third song is one of those I've had for a few months but for whatever reason never listened to (stupid mp3 player. Okay, now I feel guilty. I love my mp3 player). Anyways, it's punkish, rousing and the perfect thing to wake me up at 9 a.m. when I take my first nap at work (hey--I get there at 7 a.m. You'd fall asleep, too.) A copy of "Timed Clock" by Uphollow is available on their site under the media section (look on the right).

The next song, "Nth Degree", is the second song I've heard by Morningwood (the first was the cute, cute song "Jetsetter"). It reminds me of glitter, two-toned hair and way too many keyboards--in other words it reminds me of the early 80s. My favorite time of music--I had just learned to skate backwards, and I thought Duran Duran ruled the world (when actually that was Tears for Fears). Unfortunately it's no longer on the site I got it from, so I'm yousending it. The video is one of the best, most creative videos I've ever seen. It's even better than their video for "Jetsetter." Go see both videos at their site.

Retroactively, I'll list a song that's actually the same age as the second song I listed, but whatever. It's my list--you just read it :) It's another one of my favorite bands (I have a lot of those); they're called The Soundtrack of Our Lives (and they pretty much make up a third of my soundtrack) and it's called "Instant Repeater". It's the first song I ever heard from them, and it's still one of my favorites.

Okay, that's it for tonight. Hopefully next week I'll be more prepared and won't do this at the Nth hour!
Eh, I feel like ranting.

If I buy the Foo Fighters and My Morning Jacket's new albums (which I'd like to), I'm definitely downloading them straight from one of the pay-per-album/track sites I go to. I'm really unhappy with what Sony is doing. Not only are they treating me like a criminal (me, who's spent hundreds of dollars at, but they're altering my computer in such a way as to leave me open to damaging viruses. I was originally just mad that I had to jump through hoops to burn my own cd onto my own blank disc or mp3 player. That's reason enough for me to boycott--but now it allows "rootkits" to be placed on my computer? Yeesh! I'm not even sure I want to download these songs. Sorry Dave Grolsch--I love ya and ya band, but it's not worth my privacy. Here's another article on the subject.

This blog was mentioned in the DRM article, and it seems like a good resource. Also, Annoyances is definitely a good name for a Windows users website. I will definitely consider moving to Mac when my current machine fizzles. Apparently it's oblivious to copyright protection prompts.

I originally started with an article in a Cleveland newspaper first posted by hunterxtc on Livejournal.

Here's another article, this one from a poor guy who actually said yes to the software of death. According to this article, though, the software on the Foo Fighters cd is from Sunncomm, which isn't the same software company that the New York Times and DRM Watch article is about. Still, I certainly don't trust it and I don't like the idea that you can't completely delete it from your system, no matter how many hoops you jump through. And let's be honest--I'm lucky I know basic html. I would be lost trying to do all that stuff this guy has to do. I'd be roadkill on Sony's highway. I'd be screwed, basically. I really am afraid to even download the songs from musicmatch.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

Okay, just a bit of a warning. I'm still sick (as I have been for a month and a half), but for the last four days I've been suffering from a severe reaction to amoxicillen. All I'm saying is that apparently I'm allergic and just didn't know it. I know it now and will probably be dealing with the ramifications for the rest of the week.

So, I'm prone to outbursts and non-sensical ravings (like any week) but I'm also in pain, so this will be a very short post.

The first song I'm listing I've been playing for months. It's one of my favorite songs in existence, and for some reason it appears I've never posted it before. I think I just kept forgetting; I don't know. It's an awesome song, though. It's called "The Orange Billboard", and it's by a Swedish band called Moonbabies (I love the Swedish bands).

The next song I just downloaded a few days ago, but I'm really liking it. It's called "Something Better" and it's by Mono Taxi. They're an English/French band (mon, Oui!) and I'd never heard of them until I downloaded this song. I downloaded it from Playlouder's Singles Club, but you'll have to sign up to get access to it (Mon Dieu!).

The next song might not be to everyone's taste. I like it, and hey--another Swedish band! The name of the band is Amandines and the song is "Blood and Marrow". It's kind of folkish, with a little bit of a country twang. I happen to think it's brilliant :)

I know I've scandalized the online world by embracing hip-hop. Whatever, Aiight? I'm not ready to trade in my Farscape t-shirt for a hoodie, yet. Anyways, I found this on CNET music downloads all by my lonesome. I was looking for Dangermouse and I followed the "similar artists" link and happened upon this (I feel so ghetto when I use phrases like "happened upon". Yo.) So, I am quite fond of the song "Master Flows," and also I would recommend listening to "Neila Instrumental". Those are the two best songs, in my opinion. I'm waiting for the others to grow on me.

Crap. I thought I was done. I need one more song. Quick--a retroactive song!

The first CD I ever bought of Tori Amos' (one of the first cds I ever bought period, come to think of it) was her EP for Crucify (I felt a little wicked looking up "crucify" with all the Christmas stuff on the amazon page. Just another way in which I differ from the larger percentage of the population). Oh my God, that EP changed my life. She had a beautiful cover of the Rolling Stones' "Angie" on there and oh my God the version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was incredible! Since I don't have those songs on my computer (come to think of it--where is that EP? I haven't seen it in a long, long time...) I shall put the song I do
have that actually happens to be my favorite from the EP. I shall put her version of Led Zeppelin's "Thank You." This song just proves how versatile that band was. Since this song is on Megaupload, it'll only be up for seven days.

Okay, I'm off to whimper some more.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Five Songs (and then some) I'm Loving This Week

This installment is gonna be weird 'cause I've found my inner rap-hound. Unfortunately, I came to the rap party late, but I first realized what I was missing in 2002 when a girl I worked with played Ludacris for me. I was so shocked I couldn't speak for a long time. Anyway, I've been trying to keep my mind open to rap and hip-hop that I might like, but it's hard because I'm just not exposed to it. I don't listen to the radio and I only watch MTV2 an hour a week, and that's only Subterranean which comes on Sunday night/Monday morning at midnight. Anyhow, I've discovered DJ Danger Mouse, and way late I've discovered Jay-Z.

This also isn't going to follow the five songs format I usually use, because there's just too much stuff, and I'm not sure I can break it into five songs.


First we have The Beatles. Western Civilization's first Hip-Hop band. Heh Heh. Just kidding. But they do lead directly to DJ Danger Mouse.

The Beatles Self-Titled Album, AKA The White Album was released in 1968. I've heard most of this, but never the whole thing--despite being a fan. How lame am I? This record is one-half of DJ Danger Mouse's The Grey Album.

The second half is Jay-Z's, The Black Album. This record is from 2003, and is supposedly his last record before retirement. I've heard of him and I've heard of this album because I have ears, eyes and I use them. Unfortunately because I can't accept that I actually like some rap music (years of self-conditioning convinced me that I wouldn't like it), I may be aware of a rap song or artist, but chances are I won't hear it unless it's by accident. However, I've found that the songs I like, I love--same with hip-hop. I'd never heard Jay-Z, but because of DJ Danger Mouse, and my friend Stephen who gave me The Grey Album, I've discovered my love for both Jay-Z and DJ Danger Mouse.

Another rap artist I know I love is Missy Elliot. I've been tearing up "Get Ur Phreak On" lately. Today I found a video for another song, though. It's called "Teary Eyed". It doesn't make me want to "tear it up", but it is dramatic to the point where it makes me want to tear something up. Especially the video. Oh, the video is almost painful.

That's all the rap I have today :) Maybe next week I'll have more. I do have a few more regular Lola songs. Unfortunately it's all streams and videos. I know--I suck. Some people like that (heh). I just downloaded about fifty new songs--I just haven't had a chance to listen to them.

The next song is a stream, but it's a lovely song, so it's worth it. It's called "Starless Nights" and its' by Tenenment Hall. If I find an mp3 I will post it.

Retroactively, we have a video for a song I love. It's called "I've Got A Feeling"and it's by Ivy. This song has been around for a few years, and obviously the band's been around longer. I've always read about them and I knew the name, but I'd never had the opportunity to hear anything. They've been popping up in TV Shows lately (If you want to get my attention, appear in a TV show) and I decided to do some investigating. I found quite a bit, but this was one of the most prevalent songs I found. If I find more songs, I'll post them.

As an extra, I'm going to post a song that I'm absolutely in love with. I'm not making it part of the "Five Songs" 'cause I just posted another of their songs two weeks ago. However, I think this song is so awesome that I'm making room for it. It's called "I've Got You and You've Got Me". I posted this mp3 directly because it's on a page with a hundred other mp3s and it didn't seem fair to make you sift through the other songs (though everyone should know the magic that is control-F).

Lastly, this isn't a song, and I'm not even sure how I feel about the music, but their name is awesome.

BAND NAME OF THE YEAR: They Shoot Horses Don't They. The music is...unusual. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the music, but it sounds like animals are dying.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

B For Brontosaurs, "Who Will Sail My Ship Ashore?". Know this song. Love this song. Cherish this song.

I've already posted one song by Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah ("In This Home On Ice"), but I love this other song so much that I can't help but include it. It's called "Details of the War" This is a demo version; the version I have (which is more layored and developed, in my opinion) is available here. (It's a bulk download of all the songs--while you're there definitely listen to Great Lakes Myth Society--they're awesome.)

Oh! I don't think I've done this band! I absolutely love the song "First Love Is Forever", by The Hourly Radio. I also like another song of theirs called "Lost and Found" (found in the mix directly below the first one). These are two of my most favorite recent songs. I would suggest downloading all of them because I have found some of my favorite songs from this site. You're bound to find at least a few songs you adore that you never would've heard before.

Since I've had a long (but good) weekend/week, I"m going to let those last two songs count as #s 3 and 4. Number five will be a retro song.

It's in Real Media format (and I'm too tired to put it into mp3), but since I was talking about the Femmes on my Livejournal (I was so badass in high school) I'm going to include my favorite song from the CD Why Do Birds Sing that came out after their debut. The song is called "American Music

That's all. Good night.