Sunday, June 04, 2006

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

I'm going to do something a little different beginning with this post. I'm going to attempt to make it clear the name of the song and band I'm talking about. Why you say? Isn't mystery part of the beauty of life? Yes, it is. However, while I enjoy being the only one in my city to know who these bands are, I would like the people reading this post (even the people in the same city as me) to know who's performing the songs so that maybe they too can look them up and order their cd(s). So, I'm doing it for me, for the readers and also for the bands 'cause they might appreciate more people buying their cd(s). I realized I had to do something when I was looking for a specific song in an old post and I couldn't find it until I hit CTRL F and searched for the name. It was kind of sad.

I had no problem finding five songs to share this weekend. The problem as usual is figuring out something to say that legimately deconstructs the song and adequately conveys its sound, even for people who haven't heard it. As usual I remember that I'm actually not that good at that (hey, I'll admit my weaknesses) so mostly I just wrote a bunch of silliness. There's some legitimate musical criticism going on, though. (Somewhere in the world I'm sure there is some legitimate music critisicm!)

Midlake, "Van Occupanther"

I tried to find a non-radio show version of this song, but couldn't. As the post indicates, though, the DJ chatter is kept to a minimum. The sound quality is amazingly good considering this was taped at SXSW--no distracting background noise or interruptions. I just started hearing about this band a few months ago, but they've been around awhile. I kind of feel the same way I felt when I first heard Rogue Wave--I've stumbled late onto an almost-perfect band. Not to say the music's shiny or radio-ready; when I say perfect I mean my kind of perfect. Not a wasted note or lyric--each song stands completely on its own. Here's Midlake's website and Myspace. Also, the CD is already available through their label's site, but it's an import for us American folk. It won't be available domestically until July. I know--I don't understand, either.

Midlake, The Trials of Van Occupanther

The Concretes, "Grey Days"

This is a really pretty song. I mean really pretty. I've read about The Concretes in a lot of magazines, but hadn't heard any of their songs. It's that kind of poppy, bright song I tend to like. It's also kind of alt-countryish which is neat 'cause they're from Sweden. I guess our music really does stretch wide. It's very good considering they didn't even know how to write songs when they formed. I came across this while looking for Walkmen songs (the Walkmen song on this page is excellent). This is from their new album In Colour, and the album has gotten some negative reviews. The bad reviews I've read have a common theme, though--"this isn't like the earlier album". C'mon, reviewers! That's exactly why most reviewers said they hated The Strokes second album--'cause they said it WAS like their previous album (I liked both albums). It's not fair to the music to judge by previous efforts. Judge each one as if it were it's own work of it is. Also, treat others as you would be treated, don't step on cracks, don't eat anything that's touched a potentially dirty surface for more than five seconds (that's the "Five Second Rule"). Anyways, here's a fair, but mixed review of the new album from Pop Matters. I haven't heard the whole album--just a few songs--so I could very well agree that this is an uneven album. I know I like the one song I've just mentioned, though. Both their debut and the new album are available.

The Concretes

My Code Name Is Blue, "llegnes and Marshall"

I just happened to find this song when I was looking up other stuff--I'd actually seen an article on Strange and I was looking for that. This song caught my attention, though. It's a little juvenile, but then again so are some of my favorite songs. The keyboards are a little silly (but then again so are some of my favorite songs). I like the song itself; regardless of the instrumentation. I like the guy's vocals and the lyrics; lost love and nostalgia over love is a favorite topic of mine (yes, I'm a romantic. Shut up! Don't say a word--I'll hurt you!)

Yonder Mountain String Band, "Wind's On Fire"

Sigh...after sunny, poppy songs and sad ruminations on old love we have an honest blue-grass song with beautiful, intricate vocals and tons of instruments. I definitely need those once in awhile. Sometimes I just gotta remember I'm a girl from the South who loves to be underneath the large, clear sky. A field would be nice, but let's be realistic--I'm in a large city in Florida. The only fields are attached to office parks and most likely have hazardous material strewn in them. I'll settle for the clear sky and my lovely neighborhood. Here's the band's website and their Myspace.

Wheat, "Closer To Mercury" (also other versions at Chromewaves)

Okay, well this is kind of a retro song because it's from 2003. I didn't even hear of this band until a few months ago, though, so it's not retro for me. I'll let you all decide if you consider it retro or not. It doesn't really matter; as I've said before good music is good forever (wow, that reminds me of The Office when Brent says something like a good laugh is forever--or something.) and I love this frikkin' song. I mean I love, love, love it. The version I've been listening to is the first one listed. I love the little cat noise in the middle of it. Okay, so I'm a sucker for the smallest of touches. For awhile their website was down, but it seems to be back up. Here's another site, too. One of the founding band members has formed a side project, and per the Myspace site, he's an ex-Wheat member. I certainly hope this doesn't meant Wheat is gone. Would be my luck, though, huh? Here's an article on them detailing record label limbo. Lots of audio available at their website--Oh! I remember "I Met A Girl!" I loved that song! Where did I hear that from? I don't remember...maybe CMJ. Yeah, CMJ. So I've actually known about this band for a few years. Wow. There's so much about myself I don't know. (Lola's lost her mind now...she should rest)

Very lovely picture of Wheat (the band--not the grain)

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