Sunday, August 27, 2006

Rive Songs I'm Loving This Week

The Coral Sea, "Look At Her Face"

This is one of my favorite songs of the last few months, not just this week. Something about it makes me think of Siouxsie and The Banshees, maybe with some of the members of Echo and the Bunnymen helping out. Most of the music I listen to is slow, taking its time to arrive at this destination. This song is insistent on reaching its destination, and and the singer insists the listener reach the destination with them. Their Website.

The Coral Sea

Greg Laswello, "Sing Theresa Says"

It wouldn't be a Lola music post without a little singer-songwriter/folk-type music. I gotta have at least one ('cause I love it) and I'm really impressed with this and the other few songs I've heard. My favorite folk music isn't bland and interchangeable like some of the coffee-house music you hear playing on some TV Shows ("tonight's Everwood featured music by tortured yet pretty singer-songwriter ___) but is dynamic and individual. Come to think of it, all the music I like is like that. Anyways, the songs I've heard from this musician fit into the category of "not typical". (His website)

Greg Laswell

The Sound Team, "It's Obvious What's Happening Here"

This song's a little old--2005--but I just heard it for the first time, and it's so awesome I'm posting it anyway. It's all bleepy and blippy, and despite my love affair with alt-country and folk, sometimes a girl just needs some grandiose electronica, know what I mean? (Sometimes a girl needs other things too, but that's not really music related). (The Sound Team's website and Myspace)

The Sound Team

Pro Audio, "She Likes Girls" (Scroll to below the picture)

More bleepy-blippy music :P The vocals have a sing songy repetition to them that I adore. The keyboards mimic the melody exactly, which adds to the call-and-response tone of the song. I thank Insomnia Radio for introducing me to this song (and lots other songs). (Their website)

Pro Audio album cover

Retro Song:

The Only Ones, "Another Girl, Another Planet"

Cool song, in my opinion. Alot of blogs have been posting it because it's on a commercial, which is why I even have the song. I'm posting it as a yousend it link because A) the site I got it from has it as a yousendit link and B) I'm not at my regular computer and only my regular computers knows my password to store online media (yes, it's a mystery even to me).

I have lots more songs but they'll have to wait until next week.

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Todd Michael R said...

i really like your blog!
I wa slookign for new music, and came across your website, and decided to click upon it (since my favorite color is cerulean) and lo and actually know who xtc are!
i'm impressed thanks for the great music,


p.s. you can find me on myspace if you like: