Sunday, June 26, 2011

Laura Stevenson and the Cans, "Master of Art"

Laura Stevenson and the Cans, "Master of Art" (From their Tumblr site)

Download their Daytrotter session


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nico Muhly

My friend Koula posted this on her Facebook. I think it's absolutely gorgeous music, and you can stream his latest album at NPR.

Even his website is pretty.
His Twitter, on the other hand, is regular-looking.

Skip Town from Banner Gwin on Vimeo. Music by Nico Muhly.

Nat Baldwin, "A Little Lost"

Nat Baldwin, "A Little Lost" (Thanks to KEXP for the link)

Label site

The gig just said they wanted me to play music. They didn't say anything about live music. I just pressed play. Easiest gig ever!

Ravenna Woods, "Graves"

Ravenna Woods, "Graves" (Thanks to KEXP for the link)

Tour diary
Listen to several of their songs at Bandcamp

Sunday, June 12, 2011


This band reminds me a little of old David Bowie...without the space references. Even without the space references, Bowie would still great.

Listen to their music on their Facebook and watch live videos. My favorite song is "Dogs". Their website leads to their CDBaby site.

I'm thinking the joke I concoct will have something to do with Old Spice commercials...or maybe those Dos Equis commercials...yessss...

"Ladies...when I'm not drinking Dos Equis, I'm listening to the smooth sounds of Benyaro."

**By the by - the Dos Equis guy has a fansite with quotes.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Dark Mean, "Happy Banjo"

Dark Mean, "Happy Banjo" (Thanks to their publicity company Team Clermont for the mp3)


The Milk Carton Kids

Their website has another song, "Retrospect" as a free zip download.

The Wealthy West, "Love is Not Enough"

The Wealthy West, "Love is Not Enough" (Thanks to Paper Thin Media for the link).



(This is another song. The video keeps buffering me. That could be my connection.)

Release the Sunbird, "Always Like the Son"

Release the Sunbird, "Always Like the Son" (Thanks to AOL Spinner for the mp3)

This is the new side project from Rogue Wave's Zach Rogue. The album Come Back To Us will be out via Brushfire Records July 26th.


I would link to the website they have on their FB, but it goes to a link farm. Busted!