Sunday, August 28, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

Two of the songs this week are from the same record label,
Anyway Records. The first song is by The Whiles; it's called "Lonesome Reply", and it can be found here. I have a soft spot for songs that are sad, and make me want to hole up in a dark, one-room bar and drink myself silly until either the tears come or the passing out begins. While this song may be a bit more gentile than the usual gin-joint songs I'm referring to (I'm talking to you, Haynes Boys), I definitely sense a melancholy here. That, of course, makes it near perfect to me.

The second song I'd like to point out is by Orchestraville, and it's on the same page. Both songs listed for this band are excellent, but I've been attached to "Phil Ochs' Flag" lately. It's not a sad song (to me, anyway) but it does oddly make me want to get drunk and sing. That's another indication of a good song. I don't know what the title means, but knowing a song's meaning isn't required for me to like it. Sometimes it's better that way, actually.

I already know the next song isn't new because it's on Epitonic's site. If anyone knows why epitonic hasn't updated in a few years, I'd like to know--they had some of the best music. This song is called "Driving Over To Your House", and the band is Lenola. I just love the guitar on this. The vocals aren't my favorite part of the song, but the guitar is crisp. I actually would like to hear an instrumental version of this song.

Luckily none of the Epitonic songs have been taken down, because I'm definitely in a theme tonight. This is a lovely song called "Vivian Girls" and it's by Mazarin. They remind me of Red House Painters/Sun Kil Moon. Very slow, but bright. According to the bio, some members of Lenola played on this album, so how's that for coincidence?

For my retro-active link I decided to upload my favorite U2 song. U2 were my favorite band throughout high school, and though I've listened to hundreds of bands since then and counted dozens as favorites, they're still my favorite "band." This is one of my favorite songs, and it makes me sad, but it doesn't make me want to crawl up in a gin-joint. It makes me want to lie on top of a car in New Mexico and look at a sky that is absolutely filled with stars. It's called "One Tree Hill."

Thankfully the song has nothing to with that show on the WB, although I'm sure the song played some influence in their choice of name. I thought of this song because I came across a website called Run To The Ocean. The girl who runs it is a fan, I can tell, because she's got some wonderful drawings of Bono (wonderful drawings in general) and icons for them. This is the best U2 album, by the way. I owned every one of their albums until they lost me around that Pop Art nonsense. This is an album that all humans should own, and that's a fact..

As a bonus, I'm including a link to this band's website. They're called Malory, and they're making very beautiful ambient music. I wanted to link to the song "Lake of Doubts" under the Outerbeats album, but it's not a full version of the mp3. I feel kinda silly linking to snippets. So, since they have so many snippets available, I figured I'd just link to the whole page.

I'm not going to be able to update next week because I'm going to be at Dragon*Con!!! Yay!!! Scifi! Filking! Emerald Rose!

Excitement! Hopefully no hurricanes (knocks on cheap wood.) So I'll update in two weeks. Hope everyone has a good two weeks :)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

I posted this for a friend of mine, and I figured since it existed I might as well share it! It's one of my favorite songs, and certainly my favorite by Badly Drawn Boy. It's called "The Shining", and it's beyutiful.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week (and One Awesome Halloween Song)


I'm mentioning this first because I actually found it after I'd finished my Five Songs list, so it's a bonus. It's such an awesome bonus, though, that it's going first. Sorry other
bands. You just have to wait.

If Tim Burton had had the idea to record "Do They Know It's Christmas", (and let's be honest--his hair is similar to Bob Geldof's. Is it too much to imagine?) it might've turned out like this. In fact, I'm sure the inspiration for the title is from that seminal song. This particular song, with proceeds going to charity also, is called "Do They Know It's Halloween?". The lineup of musicians is known as North American Hallowe'en Prevention, Inc. If you don't believe in the power of a great Halloween song, and don't want to take a chance downloading it, stream it here. You'll thank me!

Nice song, and I will have you all know I spent fifteen minutes searching for an already posted mp3, because I don't want to abuse yousendit. Plus it just looks better if it comes from an actual website. I originally got this song from Ben Loves Music, but as usual I was too slow. The song, I'm sure, is long gone from his site, but this site kindly is still hosting it. The song is "Shut Your Eyes," and the band is called Shout Out Louds. Once again, I'm convinced that Sweden rocks more than almost any other country (don't smirk. I'll sic the dude from Soundtrack of Our Lives on you. He talks about killin' people.)

I'm really loving this song. When it came up on my mp3 player, I knew I wouldn't have any problems remembering it. It left an impression on me. The music is like a mixture of the neo-new wave (that is odd--new new wave) that I like so much and some of less classifiable independent music I listen to. One could draw comparisons to Dogs Die in Hot Cars or Stellastar. I wouldn't argue too much. The name of the band is Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah (I love band names that double as commands), and the song is "In This Home On Ice."

I hope I haven't posted this song before. I don't believe I have, but then again I've been made a monkey out of before (eh, the lyrics mention that. I thought it was funny. I think alot of stuff is funny. It's generally not, but I think it is.) Anyway, I was predisposed to like this band, being an English Major, and all. I was most pleased to discover I like the song. The name of the band is...duh duh duh...The English Department, and the song is "Volume."

I originally heard this next band, Hello Saferide, through Said The Gramophone, who featured the person behind this band, Annika Norlin, recently. Of course I'm too late to actually be able to post a working link from that site, so I'm forced to yousendit again. I'd prefer to post an actual link, but in some cases I don't have a choice. I googled, and googled, and slaved, and searched...nothin'. Anyways, the name of the song is "Teen Line." It's a cover, but I'd never heard it before. The original was done by a band called Jeans. Also, here's her website. She has two other songs available for download.

My retro-active song is a song that's meant a lot to me since I first heard it 11 years ago. Most people don't know that Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil, The Fifth Element) is a musician and songwriter, but she is. She's an extraordinary songwriter; one that unfortunately only produced one album. It's a spectular album, though. Here's "The Gentleman Who Fell," from the CD The Divine Comedy. This is only one of the great songs on this CD. I am not kidding you; I don't joke about divine music.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week (another "lola is tired" edition)

Warning: My commentary is more lame than last week's 'cause I'm tired as hell. What is making me so tired? No overtime. I didn't do anything after work. I dunno.

Mobius Band, "Twilight" Any song that uses the lyrics "I will keep my shitty office job" is a cool song.

I have a thing for trippy masculine lyrics. The more electronic, the better. This is one of those songs. One might say a quintessential Lola song. The name of the band is Maybe Smith, and the song is "Everyone Ruins Something." Click on "media" on the left, and the mp3s will come up. If I've posted this before, I apologize. I like all the other songs I've heard by them, also.

This is from 2002 (eesh I can be behind sometimes), but I like the song. I'm posting a link to the video because I couldn't find an mp3 . Anyways, it's by Steve Almaas & Ali Smith, and it's called "Moving In Your Sleep"

Nice song! I saw their video for Jetsetter and liked it, but this song is a little less kitschy. It's called"9thdegree" (look towards the end of the post) and it's by Morningwood.

Yay! I've spent an hour looking for an mp3 of this song! Go me! I wanted it because I downloaded a more recent acoustic version, and, well, I didn't like it. If you listen to this version, though, you will hear the song that ruled my 11th grade existence. Retro-active link: The Church, "Under the Milky Way"

I can't remember if I've posted this before (and it's too late in the evening for me to search through my blog). I'm direct linking to this mp3 because most of the mp3 links on the page don't work, and rather than having everyone guess which one I'm referring to, I'll just posting directly to it. Hopefully the mp3 police won't catch on. Watch out for pop-ups, by the way. The Linger Effect, "I am a Watercolour (Water Soluble mix by Iron Monkey)"

It's entirely possible that I've posted this song before, (maybe even last week), but I'm tired, and I like it. Listen to it again if you've heard it before. It's called "Sway," and it's by The Perishers.

Dave Grohl's teeth are really white, and I bet that microphone is soaked.

Some extras:

Though this hasn't blown me away like 2002's Ágætis Byrjun, this is still a Sigur Ros album, and therefore is well-deserving of our humble admiration. Stream their new album Takk

Two really nice Sinead O'Connor songs available for streaming from Filter magazine. They're not new songs, but they're from her upcoming collection of collaberations. The first one is "Special Cases", and it's with Massive Attack. The second is with Peter Gabriel, and it's called "Blood of Eden."

That's all. I'm dying crashing now. I may've done more than five songs. I don't care.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My Five Songs list is obviously late this week. I'm sorry. It's just been a busy week. I'll try to get it out tomorrow.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

The first song is one I've been obsessing over for weeks (don't I always say something like that?) Anyways, it's beautiful and it breaks my heart. It's called "O You With Flowers,"
and it's by a band I really like called Royal City. I originally got this song from Said The Gramophone two months ago but it's been taken down. I posted a yousendit link--warning: It will expire in seven days.

The second song is Zap210 and it's by a band called Baikonour. Like most electronic bands, this band isn't comprised of a collective--it's just one person, French-born, Britain-based Jean-Emmanuel Krieger. This song is an interesting, slightly boppy instrumental, and it's available from their label, Melodic. Click on the audio link at the top right, and it'll be the first song.

Uh...well, I was gonna put a particular song here, but when I was looking in google for a version of it, my blogspot actually popped up from when I posted it two months ago. Oops.


Okay, another yousendit link. I've just spent an hour trying to find a copy of this song online, and no luck :) It's available as part of a Beat The Indie Drum mix, but I'm not going to ask anyone to download a dozen songs just for one! (Though I bet all the songs are great.) The song is called "Life Lines," and the band is Bionic Systems Go. Here' s the yousendit link. May they never cut me off. Don't forget these expire after seven days!

I like this song. And finally one that's still posted! I have got to get quicker about posting these songs once I hear them. This is (what a great name) "Blood & Peanut
" by BC Camplight. Yep, blood and peanut butter. All anyone ever needs :)

The next one is a retro-active song, and another yousendit link. A friend of mine (younger than me) didn't know Bjork was in a band before she went solo! Granted my friend was in around first grade at the time, but still...this song rocked my little heart when I was growing up. I still listen to it with wonder. It's "Birthday," by The is a birthday...we're smoking seagulls... Yes, Bjork. Yes, we are.