Sunday, July 31, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

I'm going to have more than one song from 3hive today because I'm worried they'll take them down, though one of the songs is from June, so the risk of that seems minimal. Still, I like the songs I heard, so there's no point in waiting to post them.

The first song is in the most recent post, and it's by a band called The Constantines. Their music seems to run between hard, fast punk and more melodic punk, reminding me some of my favorite Clash/Joe Strummer songs. This song, "On to You" is the latter. The singer breathes between phrases and instead of a steady, furious pace, the band allows the song to slightly dissolve, just to build back up again. I love songs like that.

...and I just like the second song. I'm not sure what to say about it. It's called "Pass the Music"; it's by a band called The Movies, and this guy's voice gets under my skin, but in an ultra-good way. Much like Jeff Buckley's did. I want him to pass the music to me. I want to be there to catch the music, and hand it back to him if he'd like me to.

There's a song I linked to a few weeks ago called "I Lost You, But I Found Country Music." I actually first heard the band Ballboy through Said the Gramophone, but I downloaded the song from the band's website. Well I just fell in love with that song. I'd play it over and over again and think of the ex-boyfriends who I'm sure would think of me should they hear it. Then I realized there was no possible for me to be any more juvenile. Anyway, the point is: how happy was I to find another version of it sung by Laura Cantrell with the singer from Ballboy, Gordon McIntire? I was ver' happy. Ver' happy, indeed.

Y'know. I'd never thought I'd like a song by anyone named Bobo. I never thought I'd ever have occasion to come across anyone named Bobo. However, there is this song called "Stop" that is very beautiful, and that I absolutely adore. It is by a gentleman named Harlan T. Bobo. I do not know if that is a stage name, but it is the name the song is billed under.

The last song isn't a 3hive song. The name of it is "Call it Clear", and it's be a band named Halloween, Alaska. Cool name, huh? I got it off the wonderful Fingertips site. I've been listening to this every day since I downloaded it a few weeks ago. Besides the obvious connection of their name, and my birthday being Halloween, I just like this song. It's pretty, it's delicate and I love the way it cuts off mid-word. I just love that stuff.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

I like all of the songs I've heard from Azure Ray, but "
Seven Days" is by far one of my favorites. It starts off deceptively as simply an atmospheric, dark song, but then within a few bars it turns into something darkly beautiful. I would say download what you can from this site (especially the song "Displaced") and from their label site Saddle Creek (home of two of my other favorite bands--Bright Eyes and Now It's Overhead.)

This is opposite from what I usually like in a song. Well, not so much the sound of the song, but the sentiment. It's an anti-love song. It's called "
Hardcore Days and Softcore Nights" (love the title!) and it's by Aqueduct. The singer tells the subject "Don't ever ask me where I go... if you do I'll be hostile acting." Generally I go for the "tell me everything about yourself because I lurve you" song. I forgive the unfriendliness of the song, though, 'cause I like it. Warning about Insound mp3s: I don't know why, but if you right click and try to save it sometimes it saves as an unidentifiable file. For it to save as an mp3, you usually have to click directly on it. That annoys me because that means when I go back to look at it later, all I'll see is hostile.mp3 or whatever. I won't know where I got it, or who it's by. Oh well.

I've linked to the band Boat before, but there's another song of theirs that I've been just going crazy over, and I wanted to post a link to it. There are a ton of songs on this page, but my favorite right now is "
Return of the Rainbow Shoelace," because I am a super freaky chick. (Click on "music.")

I didn't post this band before because honestly the name of the band disturbs me too much. I can take names like "I love you but I've chosen darkness" and names involving sex-acts, but anything involving animal cruelty is difficult to deal with. So I never posted Dogs Die in Hot Cars. I love this song "
Man Bites Man" so much, though. (it is the second coming of my cherished new wave music!) My friend Shane and I decided that we're sure they meant it as a public service announcement, and as animal lovers we should be grateful to them. We even thought of several other PSAs that would make good band names, but I can't remember any of them now. If Shane remembers any, he can post them. I'm doing this as a yousendit link 'cause I can't remember where I got this mp3 from. If anyone knows where I most likely got it/where it can be found, please let me know. Please remember yousendit links expire in seven days.


I've been in a major Annie Lennox mood lately. I don't know what brought it on--I think it's because one of my LJ friends likes her too (hello Faerishimmer!). I've brought out the Eurythmics album Savage (my favorite) and burned it onto my
computer. I've been listening to it steadily for awhile. I love all the songs, and while it's hard to pick a favorite, "
Shame" and "Savage" are the two songs I go to over and over again. Once again yousendit links.

If any of these links don't work, please let me know. If you ever miss the windows on any of these links and would like me to repost them, also let me know. I may actually force mixed cds on you (tho CerulG and Frznfishstick are still waiting on theirs...Lola's been very tired...)

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

(Update: Still working overtime. Still exhausted. Still rambling)

I'm a little bit confused. I can't believe I haven't linked to the song "When She Appeared" but Aaron Booth yet, because I listen to this song every day and I love it. I don't see it in the last few months of posts, though, and I'm too tired to go back to the beginning of the year. If I have posted it, I apologize, and maybe
someone will see it who missed it the first time. Anyways, find it on his site, along with more of his songs.

TOMIHIRA, "2 LATE" I just heard of this band today (named after the lead singer.) I really like all the songs, but the one I'm specifically mentioning stood out for me. Thanx to Sixeyes. Also see their Myspace site.

I've listened to this song probably a hundred times, and this is another one I don't believe I've linked to. She has a beautiful voice, and this song is a stand-out. It's by Rose Polenzani, and it's called " Blue Angel." It makes me cry (as all good songs do--well, some good songs don't make me cry. Gwen Stefani's "Rich Girl" only makes me cry because I want all the Vivienne Westwood clothes I can buy. M.I.A.'s songs don't make me cry. Neither do the Flaming Lips. But most good songs make me cry.)

This is a nice alt-country song. Very Appalachian sounding (not that I know much about that area, but I imagine the music sounding alot like this.) The name of the band is Hank Dogs, and the song is " Whole Way." Thanx to Six Eyes again.


I was (cough, cough, sputter) years old when this cd (yes, they were making cds then) came out, and it's actually one of my oldest cds. And it still plays! This album knocked me over when I first heard it, and it still does (cough, cough, sputter) years later. I don't know if she's still making music, but I know I didn't too much care for the two cds I heard after this one (unfortunately.) Her name is Tanita Tikaram, and the song is "Twist In My Sobriety." (This link is good for only one week.)

I'd like to include the next song as a bonus. I'm not making it part of the regular post because I just linked to a song of theirs a few weeks ago, plus the song is quite a few years old. The song is very awesome, though, and I always turn it up a little when it comes on my mp3 player. It's by the July 26th Movement, and it's called "All Farewells."(Another Yousend it link, good for seven days.) I originally heard it through Ben Loves Music.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week (plus an extra one because I'm in a bad mood, and I feel guilty for doing something as precious as the 5 Songs list when my heart really isn't into it)

I'm very tired in general, so there's a very good chance I may accidently repost something I've already done. Also, it's going to have more than one retro song, I believe, because I've been so busy with work I haven't had a chance to download anything new. Also please forgive me if I don't comment much. I'm just really tired--I've been working alot of overtime.

The first song I know I haven't posted before, because I just downloaded it. It can't be too new because I found it on epitonic, which hasn't updated in I would guess over a year. The name of the song is "Lord Gregory," and it's by a Scottish man named Alisdair Roberts. I'd never heard of him before, but he's worked with a lot of bands I like.

This band, Sunny So Brite, I've linked to before, but I'm almost entirely sure I posted a different song. This is an Alabama band, and unlike a lot of Alabama bands, I can actually say I like this one :) The song "Big Empty Space" is the one I think people should listen to.

Online I found a tribute EP of songs from John Hughes movies. I don't think anyone would be surprised to learn that I worship John Hughes movies from the eighties. Farmer Ted, Long Duck Dong, Bender, and of course DUCKIE!!! (I love you Duckie. I'll go to the prom with you.) Anyway, the cd is actually from the late nineties, but the style of the music is the same as the music I listen to now. They're in WMA form. I nearly had a stroke trying to convert them into MP3 form using Musicmatch. Musicmatch is on my shitlist. Very much so. By the by, I'm using this site Ive never used before. If it adds any spyware to
you computer (or if you experience any negative effects), please let me know and I'll stop using it.

I don't like all the versions of the songs, but I really like two of them:

Ciao Bella,"If You Were Here"
and Ninety-and-Nine, "Bring On The Dancing Horses" Also please tell me if these don't work.

I like this song alot. I've been meaning to post it forever, but I just haven't yet. It's by a band called Mobius, and it's called "Starts With A Bang." You can download it from their site. Click on music, and choose the record City Vs. Country. Awesome song.

I've technically reached my five songs, but what the what. I'll do one more retro song. I hope megaupload works.

This song freaked the hell out of me when I first heard it when I was about 19. I swear I thought the woman singing it couldn't be human. It still makes me feel strange even after all these years. It's by Chris & Cosey (who've had hundreds of albums) and it's called "Trust."

Please let me know if these don't work. Thank you, and call again.

Monday, July 04, 2005

I'm going to frikkin' try this again.

Technically Eight Songs (and one video) I'm Loving This Week

I really like what I've heard from the band Ballboy. I'd never heard of them before yesterday (shameful), but Sean at Said the Gramophone said some wonderful things about them, so I downloaded everything he offered and everything available on the band's site. So far the two that stand out to me the most are "I Lost You But I Found Country Music," and "I Hate Scotland." (Which I don't--just clearing that up.) Click on the right where it says "downloads."

Unfortunately, what has turned out to be one of my favorite Arcade Fire songs, "Cars and Telephones" has been removed from where I found it, on Popsheep. I know mp3 blogs tend to remove songs within a week or so, and damnit if I ain't always too late. I've got to hire an assistant. That's all there is to it. I hope they don't mind working for salsa, chips and green apple beer. And since they're my assistant, they actually go to the store for the salsa, chips and beer.

I've been wanting to link to this song for months, but I got it through my subscription to Paste Magazine, and I don't think the downloads on their site are available for the general public. So I've been staring at his name on my little notebook file entitled "five songs" for months. I really love this song. So, through the magic of yousendit (I hope they don't take away my priviledges ever), I bring you Jai Agnish, "How You Dream."

Final Fantasy, "The Cn Tower Belongs To The Dead. Sixeyes doesn't say much good about this band's material, but I like this song alot. :) The band doesn't appear to have anything to do with the game by the same name; in fact, the guy's name is Owen Pallett, and he's worked with The Arcade Fire (he plays strings for them) and Hidden Cameras. He's a member of the band Les Mouches, also.

Engineers, "Come In Out of the Rain". I linked to a stream of songs by the band Engineers a few months ago. I really liked what I heard, but I couldn't find an mp3 for them. Well, I just happened to stumble across one the other day (thanks to Sixeyes), and I really like this song.

I just love the few songs I've heard from this band named Boat. I don't remember how I stumbled on their site; probably through another mp3 blog. I've been listening to "Holding The Globe every day for at least a month. I always feel a little happier when it comes on my mp3 player.

The Fast Computers, " Magic In The Air." I really like this song. I just downloaded it a few days ago (Oh God, I'm so behind. Someone get me an assistant! Stat!) and I'm just all in love with it.


I recently linked to a song from a band I'm really liking called Smog. They've apparently been around for awhile (1990), but we won't talk about slow I am to catch on to things because I don't want everyone to know what a loser I am :) I'm not going to relink to another song, because I usually wait at least a few months before posting a band twice. However, here is a very sad video for a very excellent new song of theirs called "I Feel Like The Mother Of The World." The video is so sad it makes me okay with being single. The guy's voice reminds me of the guy from The National.

I have tons more songs to link to, but I'm tired and I have to get ready to go out with my friends, who though they may not realize it, are my best friends. I may link to some other songs later in the week.

*Whoa...I just made a cool discovery. If I copy and paste this list from my livejournal, it not only pastes the texts, but it pastes the embedded links! (Hush to everyone who already knew that.) Less work for me!*
Something appears to be wrong with Blogger. It's not showing my five songs update (which really turned into eight songs this time.)

I'll repost it in a little bit. I'm going to go for a walk now.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

I really like the song that pops up when you go to Lali Puna's website. I'm not sure what the name of it is. They have a video for another song, but I'm afraid I don't like that song too much (as inevitably happens with any band.)

In other news, I downloaded about 100 songs today. I already know what I'm going to put for the five songs, update though. I'm gonna have such a computer hangover :)