Tuesday, February 27, 2007


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Schedule for my vacation:

I will be off the interwaves beginning the weekend of March 12th. I'll have one more blog post before then, but I won't have any more podcasts until the end of March. I'll be back with a new blog post and podcast the weekend of March 24th.


1) Cezanne, "I've Got So Much" (from a Media site called Fanatic. I can't find it on the site, so here's the direct download. Cezanne's Myspace.

2) Miho Hatori, "Barracuda" (from LastFM).
Miho's Website.

3) Quien Es Boom, "Brittle Britches" (Oops--I got the band and title mixed up on the podcast). From Audiofile. Their Website .

4) Albert Hammond Jr., "In Transit" (from Audiofile). Albert's Myspace.

5) Narrator, "Panic At Puppy Beach" (from Insound). Their label website.

6) Apostle At Hustle, "My Sword Hand's Anger" (From Salon's Audiofile) They have label's website and Myspace. Wow...almost all of these came from Audiofile. I've gotta learn to spread the wealth a little.

7) Canasta, "Imposter"

8) Canasta, "Shadowcat" (both from their website)
Canasta's Myspace

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

Matthew Ryan, "And Never Look Back" (from the album From A Late Night Highrise)

What a deep, gravelly, honest voice this man has. It's funny--the music starts out like a New Order song (relax--that's good), but it also sounds like alt-country--specifically, it sounds like it could be Tim Easton. Perhaps that's due to influence--Matthew Ryan is currently touring with Tim Easton (I bet I'd make a good detective).

So, it's the best of my worlds: electronic pop merged with alt-country. Why hasn't this been thought of before? I first heard this song World Cafe Live--a great resource for any genre music.

Yay for sites that aren't flash! Matthew Ryan's flash-free Website and Myspace.

Copeland, "When You Thought You'd Never Stand Out" (from the album Eat, Sleep, Repeat)

Yes, I realize there are words I use frequently for description ("lovely"), and yes, I rely too heavily on comparison to aid my description (his voice totally sounds like Fran Walsh's from Travis!). Perhaps though I consider myself a writer, it's best that I keep music writing a hobby. I'm going to try to do this lovely piano meditation justice, though. The melody seems pre-ordained; exquisitely gliding along a tailor-made path, as if the melody were already there and the singer is following its direction as much as we are. His voice is high, clear and personifies the melody without flaw. The vocals and music are so clear that it sounds like the song was recorded either in a loft high above the world or a very large cathedral. It makes me feel like I'm in a big, open space, though I'm really in my apartment. There's some nice interplay between the main vocalist and a female back-up vocalist who comes in at the end. Though the song is primarily piano-driven, other instruments such as violin and guitar interweave into the melody to change focus and flesh out the song.

Copeland's Website and Myspace. I got the MP3 at Artist Direct.

Sam Phillips, "Reflecting Light" (from the album A Boot and A Shoe)


Her voice reminds me of Jane Siberry's voice in Jane's song "Miss Punta Blanca"--her delivery also brings to my mind K.D. Lang or Michelle Shocked. The song is timeless...like a Billie Holiday song that got left behind and only recently caught up to us. More so, it's reminiscent of the quintessential female country singers of the sixties...Loretta Lynne and Patsy Cline. Definitely a bit of Patsy Cline in the song.

But there I go comparing again. I'm sure Ms. Phillips would like me to talk about what the song sounds like, not who. Her timeless, lilting voice rushes along as if it were a current--breaking and eddying, rising, but dropping right before it goes over an edge. Her vocal carries with it a simple guitar part, an undercurrent of piano and a violin that sneaks in, unassumingly lifting the song beyond any threat of simplicity.

Sam Phillips' Myspace and Website (this song and others are available at her site). She sings on Gilmore Girls, too. Sadly, she says she doesn't know how that whole Luke and Lorelei thing will turn out.

Milosh, "Couldn't Sleep" (from the album Meme)

This song reminds me of the beach in Montauk in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It seems timeless, placeless, like it might be part of someone's imagination. Yet I recognize it for what it is, and I don't question it for a second. It unlocks something in my brain and makes me want to start walking with no clear intention of stopping.

It's labeled as trip-hop, but I'd say if it's trip-hop, it's trip-hop for people who like Michel Gondry movies.

Milosh's Label Site and Myspace

Retro Song:

Cibo Matto, "Sci Fi Wasabi"

Okay, this song doesn't mix at all with the other songs, but I've been holding it for a rainy day when I needed a fifth song :) I found this copy on this site--I was looking for information on Mito Hatori, who I posted about a few weeks ago. I have the actual CD with this song somewhere, but who knows if it still plays. I loved Cibo Matto back in the day (ten years ago or so), but Viva, Woman! was my album. I loved that damn thing.

Cibo Matto, unfortunately, are not a unit any more but the two main members are still very musicially active. There is an outdated Cibo Matto page, but you'll do better going to the individual members' websites.

Yuka Honda's Website and Myspace
Miho Hatori's Website and Myspace

I don't know much about the two guys in the back, stage left, but the guy on the right is Sean Lennon. He has a new album out and Yuka Honda is supporting him on tour.

Podcast either tonight or tomorrow!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

It's been another rough week (my MP3 player died...thank you for your condolences), so the narrative on this isn't going to be as spiffy, or well thought-out, or coherent as past entries. I apologize to the bands, but I'm just one tired little chicken. I'm also supposed to be writing a review for North Atlantic Explorers, and I will, but I'm so frikkin' tired.

I will be taking a "vacation" from the blog (and podcast) starting the weekend of March 10th and March 25th (with the next entry being on March 25th). I will be taking an actual vacation for half of that, though I doubt I'll be going anywhere. I will be resting and hopefully having fun.

I will be posting next Sunday (Feb. 25th) and March 4th. There will not being blog posts or podcasts after that until March 25th. The total non-musical Lola time will be three weeks. I'm tired, y'all. I'm getting a tad bit burnt out, so it'll be good.

Kamikaze Hearts, "Top Of Your Head" (from the album Oneida Road)

This would be a good song to play on the way to Dragon*Con. Only because he says "40 miles 'till Atlanta". I could play it right as we hit 40 miles to Atlanta. It would take a lot of planning on my part, though, and I'm not sure that particular spot is marked by a sign. I suppose it could just be ceremonial--even if it's 50 miles, the thought will be there.

Anyways, this is a very nice, very relaxed Alt-Country song about (I suppose) a road trip, and someone's head sticking out from underneath some blankets. They're talking in the car about the good things they'll have in the end. I basically just gave away the plot of the song. Don't hate me! I love the spaciousness of his voice--it sounds like they're recording on the open road, or maybe just a very open recording space.

Gotta love the name of the band, too--Kamikaze Hearts. We're all on a love suicide mission ;)

The boys getting perty. Kamikaze Hearts' Website and Myspace. The MP3 can be found here, on their website.

Breaking Up, "Caring is Creepy"

I loved The Shins' first album. I loved some songs from The Shins' 2nd album. I have yet to hear The Shins' 3rd album, but the few songs I've heard sadly haven't made an impression on me.

This is a cover of a Shins song from their first album that did make an impression on me, and continues to impress me, even years later. This version is from The Bluegrass Tribute to The Shins, and it is Bluegrass--gloriously and honestly so.

**Special note, Googling a Shins song and the phrase "breaking up" gets you lots of hits having nothing to do with this cover version.

A Bluegrass Tribute To The Shins
Here's the write-up on the tribute album from the label that released it. I can't find crap on the band--not even a Myspace page. Unless they're main musical genre is ambient.

Husband and Wife, "Battlecab Dramatica" (Live from WIUX)

Of course it's not hard to figure out what first guided me towards this song. Uh, a little similarity in name to a certain Scifi show?

The show could be about Battlestar Galactica...the singers asserts he's tired of running, though in BSG I don't think they have to necessarily change their address every time they jump. They've probably had to change their address twice--once when the colonies were first attacked and they ran, then again when they had to desert New Caprica. Let's just hope their Galactical Mail Service (GMS) is up to snuff and gets their stuff to them in a timely fashion.

Unless the GMS is run by Cylons...

Anyways, regardless of any BSG reminders, this is a very lovely, haunting song. I really like the way the melody goes when he says "Stephen, I'm sorry". (Is there anyone on BSG named Stephen? Is there a Stephen Adama?)

Hey--according to their Myspace, they tour with Anathallo, a band I adore. Coincidence, huh? Husband and Wife's Website and another site, Musical Family Tree. "Battlecab Dramatica" originally appeared on a 2005 split EP with another band, Away With Vega.

James Eric, "Sexy Back"

Because covering a Justin Timberlake song is always funny.

"Dick In A Box", anyone?

This isn't James Eric's only cover, he's got several to listen to in an embedded player on his Myspace. I found this song on Liza's blog, Copy, Right? The reviews on the Myspace site give the singer/composer's name as James Laczkowski; Eric is probably a stage name. I've heard way more unusual names than Laczkowski. 20 years on and I still can't pronounce Johnette Napolitano's (Concrete Blonde) name. Well, I can say it, but I always trip up on it. I can never spell it--I had to look up her name just now and copy/paste. Anyways, James Eric has a ton of songs available on his website.

James works hard to let his vulnerability show.

Retro: Modest Mouse "Trailor Trash" (from The Lonesome Crowded West)

Modest Mouse have become fairly famous. Well, famous among people who listen to the music I listen to. This song is from ten years ago, though, and was released on an independent label called "Up Records". (Please e-mail me if you have the rights to this song and want it down--yes, I am paranoid).

Anyways, it's an awesome song and gives you an idea of what Modest Mouse were like before they struck it in the big time.

Modest Mouse's Website, Myspace and Wiki article.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Oops! One of my songs from my Five Songs post this past weekend didn't work. I tried to upload it again and it still didn't work.

Here's the link to the page where I got it:

Nostalgia, "Airliner" (Towards the end of the page)


Sunday, February 11, 2007


Direct Download

This podcast is on the mellow side--good for drifting off to sleep; not so good for exercising.

Myspace is still down, so I'll try to post my blog entry and podcast on that site tomorrow.

Show Notes:

Dragonfly Dying, "The Uncertain"
They have seven songs available on Musicdownload.com
Their website

Please Quiet Ourselves, "Seven Chord 2" from Myspace and Mushpot Records

Sad Android, "Broken Flowers" from Myspace and from an e-mail from the band (aren't I special?)

Spokane "Temporary Things" from their label site

North Atlantic Explorers, "When My Ship Comes In" from their website. I posted this
last ONLY because it's eight minutes long. It's one of my favorite songs out there. It reminds me of Sigur Ros. What a coincidence: One of the members plays with Jonathon, Inc.! I posted that band a few months ago.

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

Lavendar Diamond, "You Broke My Heart" (from the album Calvary of Light)

What a gorgeous song and vocals! Her voice is absolutely beautiful and manages to reach a level of the atmosphere only Liz Fraser from Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush and another artist I posted recently, Nina Nastasia, has previously reached. Good company, huh? The Mp3 appears on Lavender Diamond's and Matador's website. The EP is available many places, including Amazon.

She's communicating with the birds until Prince Charming comes along. Lavender Diamond's American Label Site and Myspace. They even have a Wiki entry.

Fujiya & Miyagi "Collarbone"

This is so unlike something I usually like. I don't know why I like it, but I do. It's funky and sort of rocking. Well, I do occasionally like funky songs and occasionally songs that rock. Never before together, though. Perhaps they've hit on a secret formula for a new kind of music? "Collarbone" is from their recent album Transparent Things. It's available online at Beatport.

I hope the guy in front of the steering wheel is driving. Maybe they're parked. Fujiya & Miyagi's Myspace and Website.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow, "Game of Pricks"

I found this Guided By Voices cover on Liza's covers site "Copy, Right?". I love GBV, so despite me never having heard of the band, I listened to it (eh, I haven't heard of most bands I end up loving, anyway). The vocals are layered over to the point of being unintelligible, invoking the old days of My Bloody Valentine and Low. I wish the vocals were a little clearer, but they obviously intended the song to have a shoegaze feel, though it's a lot more spry than most shoegaze I know of. Maybe it's shoegaze-curious. It flirts with shoegaze, but retains its energy. "Game of Pricks" is not from their new album, Scribble Mural Comic Journal. Their website lists the song on their debut EP, The Sunniest Day Ever, but they list it as the "Dueling Banjos Version". I didn't notice any dueling banjos in this song, so I can't attest that this version if from that EP. It could be unreleased.

Dude, the label head started the label just for them. How cool is that? The EP with "Game of Pricks" is sold out, but their debut album is available for pre-order.

I think the sisters are starting to suspect that the boys aren't Glaswegians. Their Website, Label Site and Myspace

Oh No! Oh My!, "I Have No Sister"

That's sad that the singer never had a sister. Oh no--he says he never had a sister that the other person didn't like. Well, that's good, right? Why is he complaining? Oh, he's complaining because he never had a girlfriend for more than 3 months. That does suck. C'mon, man! It's time to get moving with that! You're not getting any younger!

Anyways, though the lyrics are ambiguous, I really like the song. I have nothing to compare it to, except maybe a more assertive Belle and Sebastian. Yeah, that's good. Belle and Sebastian done non twee-like. I first heard the band on Woxy's Live in the Lounge series.

I read on their biography page of their website that they're going to audio engineering school. That is awesome. Not only will it help them produce their own music but it'll open up future possibilities in the music business in case they decide to expand into producing other bands. .

Oh No! Oh My! are hanging out at Woxy. "I Have No Sister" is from their debut album--buy it here, as well as other places. The band's Website and Myspace...

Airliner, "Nostalgia"

Ooh! Horns! Jangly sounds! Hushed male vocals! So many things I love!

They're Swedish! Further proving that I just frikkin' love Swedish music-- It's just awesome.

It's not a new song, though. Their label site is in English, but it doesn't tell me much except that this song is from their debut album from 2002. Hope they keep recording! I couldn't find a website, but here's where you can buy the album.

Airliner, The last days of august

Wait--I'm not done with the post yet. Don't skedaddle like Chad Vader's friends! I got a little more to talk about:

Sigur Ros went to Swaziland to visit HIV positive children and made this photo stream of it. It takes a few minutes to go through, but it's worth it to put faces to the stories we hear out of that part of the world. Most of our children are healthy. For the most part, we don't know what it's like to live in those circumstances. It's good to try to open ourselves up to what people outside of our immediate reach are going through.


I've been talking about Duran Duran with an LJ friend of mine (hi Hunterxtc!) because we both love the band. That sent me on a Youtube spree yesterday morning. I watched "Wild Boys", "Hungry Like The Wolf" and several Arcadia videos. I also watched the greatest Duran Duran video ever...certainly one of the most provocative music videos I've ever seen (short of Madonna's "Justify My Love".

Blogger hasn't been letting me embed Youtube videos, so I'm linking to Duran Duran, "The Chauffeur" (Uncensored) on Youtube. This is not work-safe (unless you work in Germany or a porn store). If you're sensitive about seeing half-naked women covorting around, then don't watch this.

I loved Duran Duran growing up. I still love them, of course, but some of the magic and mystery has been weaned away from me. You know what they say--the little girl

grows up and suddenly the five magical, mysterious men become middle-aged men wearing too much glitter and make-up.

Anyways, when I was about 12 or 13, I bought Sing Blue Silver, the Duran Duran video collection. All of my favorite videos were on there: "Rio," "Hungry Like The Wolf", "Save A Prayer" and "Is There Something I Should Know". I was ecstatic (to the point of almost passing out) to find out it had a video for my favorite D2 song, "The Chauffeur". As far as I had known, there was no video for it. There'd never been one on MTV, and my video watching didn't extend past MTV or Friday Night Videos back then (this was pre-internet, kids).

I had no idea just what that video would be like.

If you watch it, you may understand why I watched it 14 times every day (I probably killed the rewind button on our VCR) and why I took great pains to keep my mother from

seeing it (to the point of throwing myself on the TV when she walked in).

I felt like such a grown-up after watching this video...perhaps I was.

Okay, y'all can go eat dinner and talk to your loved ones. I will do my best to do the podcast tonight. It's almost 7:30...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Menomena, "Air Raid"

This song would've gone nicely with the version of "99 Luftballoons" I posted a few weeks ago. Oh well--such is life. I hadn't heard of this song way back then. I actually just heard this song today. Today! And already it's in my Five Songs post! That's turnaround, folks. It's very air-raidy sounding at the beginning--very appropriate considering the title. It's very urgent and industrial sounding, then a lovely piano overrides the harshness of the music. The vocals are strong, but not harsh, balancing out the intensity of the music. The vocals actually sound like they could be in a Granddaddy song, or Elbow, while the music sounds like it could be in an Army recruitment ad. (From the album Friend and Foe)

Show your team spirit with Menomena! Their Website, Label Site and Myspace. You can stream the whole album from the E-Card on their website. Oh yeah, and every once in awhile I like to test my mini-epilepsy and just see how long I can...blink...what?

Darren Hanlon, "Happiness is a Chemical"

I will not use the phrase "catchy". I will not use the phrase "catchy"! I don't care how much my brain screams "catchy"...oh crap...I just thought it. There it is. It's out. "Catchy". This song is...brrr...catchy. It's cute. It's boppy. It says happiness is just a chemical, and that may be true, but you know it's a chemical we want. Forget my blood pressure pills; give me pills for that!

Inspiration can come from where you don't expect it. Darren Hanlon's pretty Website and Myspace. I really hate flash sites, though. I went back and looked at the non-flash version of his website. The song is from his recent album Fingertips and Mountaintops. Just reading his commentary on the tracks makes me want to buy the album.

Video, "Happiness is a Chemical" He does the robot and hugs his guitar! Knights in a chorus line!

Spokane, "The Absentee"

This is a change from some of the other frenetic songs I've been posting. This is extremely mellow and ambient. Almost so much that you have to really listen to pick up on the song. Turning the volume UP really helps, too. They remind me of Album Leaf and other such mood-creating, gauzy music. It's music that wants to blend in with itself.

Oops--this isn't a new song. It's from 2001. So I'm not as on top of it as I thought I was...what's funny is I'm familiar with the label. I've been to their site many times. I'm really surprised I didn't hear it before. "The Absentee" is from their album The Proud Graduate. They have a newer album out called Measurement (which isn't new either--it's 2003).

They're just broody like that. Spokane's Website and Myspace

Miho Hatori, "Ecydysis"

I heard she had a new album, so I had to check it out. I loved Cibo Matto in the nineties--Viva! La Woman was one of my favorite CDs for years. It's a funky record about food by two Japanese girls living in NYC. What wasn't to love? Unfortunately, their following albums didn't strike me as being as brilliant as Viva! La Woman, but I still enjoyed them and followed what the band was doing. The band broke up in the early 2000's, but the members remained active. Miho did work with Gorillaz and Yuka Honda released a few solo albums. I found out recently about Miho's new album (though it'd been released earlier in Japan), and I knew I wanted to hear it. She's lost a little of the funk from Cibo Matto and alot of her songs are a little too smooth jazzy for me. A little too Portishead (I loved Portishead but I hated all the knockoffs that came after them). Her voice has soared way too far into Bjork territory. Overall I didn't love what I heard, but I liked it. I absolutely love two songs: "Ecydysis" and "In Your Arms".

I didn't know which to post.

I agonized. I walked the city streets in contemplation. I phoned spiritual advisors (that's not cheap at $1.99 a minute). I contemplated the stars (not easy at 5 p.m.). I listened to my inner voice (which doesn't sound like Bjork). I found my inner child and I bribed her with candy for her opinion.

"Ecydysis" is the more Bjorky of the two, but I like the song despite the quirky vocal style. "In Your Arms" has neat percussion. It's pretty. They're both pretty. Which one? Which one? Oh Mighty Zeus please tell me. Oh wait--do I want Zeus picking out my music? Oh Mighty Aphrodite...give me your insight. Okay, Aphrodite said that "Ecydisis" has that neat keyboard intro with a knocking sound reminiscent of the chick ghost in Ju-On. Aphrodite also likes her voice in that one, plus the name sounds Greek, though it's apparently not. Okay, "Ecydysis" it is.

Miho's Website, Myspace and a fansite.

Russian Love, "The Last of The Famous International Playboys"

I've actually been listening to this for a few weeks now, but I hadn't posted it because I knew that many people don't share the love I have for the solo Morrissey. But, the love is there, and it is strong with me. I adore the Morrissey of the "Suedehead" era. If you don't, so be it. Russian Love does, and that's enough. This is an awesome song--it's from the point of view from someone who's obsessed with the Kray Brothers. I know who the Kray Brothers are because of an excellent movie from the early nineties made by Kemp brothers from Spandau Ballet (I will reserve the essay on how much I love the song "True"). The Kemp brothers make much more handsome Kray Brothers. I'm just observin'...

Anyways, this is a pretty faithful (though more electronic and widgety) version of the song, and a particularly good one (though nothing beats the British songsmith's version--Stephen Morrissey, do you know my name?)

This is literally the only picture I could find from them. This is the album cover for Gala Brutale. "The Last of the International Playboys" is one of the tracks on this album. (Hehhh!!!! I love what they put at the top of their website. This is not a porn site! Go somewhere else, thank you. I don't know..I looked Russian Love up cold on Google, and from the descriptions of the websites matching that phrase, the sites seemed kind of porn-like, or at the very least mail-order-bride-ish). They also have a Myspace.

Oh, yeah, and is it just me? Do the last ten seconds or so of this version sound like another lesser and older British singer's song?