Sunday, September 11, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

Staring at a blank page.

My commentary this week is going to be scattered, or possibly almost non-existent. It's been one of those days, and unfortunately I'm just not feeling the bubbly personality today. Someone punctured my bubble. Wow, that sounds naughty. Even when I'm depressed I can be naughty. I feel better now.

Anyway, the first song is by Matt Pond P.A. I'm assuming that Matt Pond isn't a personal assistant, or a public accountant. He is a good musician, however, and he also does music for television. I fell in love with this song when I saw the video on Subterranean (MTV2). The song is called "Closest (Look Out)", and it's from their/his record Emblems. According to Allmusic, they have a new album coming out in exactly a month. I really like what I've heard, so I guess I have a bit of catching up to do. Also, Here's a video for the song.

No! No! No! Yes! Yes! Yes! Okay, I'm in a better mood now. I was totally singing "I think We're Alone Now" (scroll down to almost the bottom of the page) last night with my friends! Except it was the Tiffany version, because it was 80's night on 94.1, and I am a child of the 80's. What? Leave me alone. Anyway. How cool is that? Talk about Serendipity (the thing that happens, not the movie I refuse to see because I want to continue liking John Cusack.) Anyways, this band is called The Click Five, and I love this song.

I've linked to The Perishers before, but they're a really good band, so I feel no shame in featuring them twice. I generally feel no shame anyhow, but that's a personal thing :) (Still being naughty...depression is good for me.) This song is called "Going Out," and it can be found here.

More Swedish music! (I had originally said Norwegian, but I was wrong.) This is an absolutely breathtaking video and song. I just came across the video, so I don't know where to get an mp3, but if I find one, I'll post it. Her name is Laleh, and I can't tell you anymore about her 'cause I just don't know Norske. I'd like to learn, and it would be practical since I seem to like a lot of Norwegian musicians.

Clare is not a band (but what a good band name it would be), but is really a man named Rick Clare (tho I guess he's using his name as a band name.) As the website says, he's a veteran of the punk scene, but this music isn't punk. It's a little softer than your average punk song, but that's to be expected-- most mellow out as time goes by. I used to be a wildcat. (Okay, so I haven't mellowed.) I myself am a fan of more melodic songs, and this is definitely one of those. The song I'd like to highlight is called "Blank Page," and it's the next to the last song on this page.

Thank you all for stopping by, and please have a lovely week.

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