Sunday, March 19, 2006

Okay, well, I have a few bands to write about tonight. I haven't been up to my usual downloading/listening speed because I've been kind of down (I know, I feel sorry for metoo. Always room for a little tragic solemnity in my life). I feel better, now, though. I hope to get back to "normal" soon.

The first song I have isn't the best production quality, but I concern myself less with the quality of the recording and more with the potential of the band. I like this song, and
regardless of how it's produced I like listening to it. It's by a band called Mandrake, and it's called "Broken Record" (click on "music"). I feel like the talent's there and soon enough I'm sure they'll get the resources to develop their songs to their fullest.

I've got two songs from Fingertips Music. This is one of the best resources I've found for new music, and if you sign up for the mailing list, the mp3s will be delivered to you in your e-mail. It's nifty at its niftiest.

The first song is by a band I'd never heard of, but I'm fond of their song "God Is Going To Get Sick Of Me" (though God may not like it). The band's name is Aberdeen City, and the song is faster than most songs I usually go for, but that may be part of its appeal. It actually reminds me of some of the old 80s songs I loved, like "Shell Shock" by New Order. No one may agree with me, but that's okay. I like the song on its own, without any associations with the glory days of the 80s.

The second song is by an artist I've put on this list before: David Fridlund. The first song I posted by him is simply one of the most beautiful songs in the world, (In my albeit usually right opinion), "Into My Arms". The song I'm posting tonight isn't "beautiful" in that sense--it doesn't make me feel like I'm transcending some part of reality like "Into My Arms" does--but, it's still a very good song. It's called "April & May", and it's cabaret-ish; almost jaunty. It's different than most songs I post, but I do have very eclectic tastes.

The next song is by one of my favorite bands, Mazarin. I'm always happy when I get a new Mazarin song, and I've never been disappointed. It's called "The New American Apathy" (scroll to the bottom). It starts kind of odd; the first time it came up on my player I didn't see who it was and I started to skip it 'cause I thought "What the"? Then I decided that would be foolish of me, because how else would I hear new music if I immediately skipped something new. I'm glad I didn't skip it because I loved it immediately; after a few seconds of getting over the inital "oddness" of it :)

The last song is by Brendan Benson. He's probably one of the most recognizable "indie" artists I've posted, but he's one of the best of the crop of "young solo male artists" that have been recording the last few years. Sometimes I get my Damien Rices mixed up with my Daniel Bedingfields, and I'll admit I tend to throw Benson in with this lot, but his music is his own, and I do like the songs I've heard from him (and the other artists I just mentioned). Actually, I think he's older than me, so I shouldn't lump him with the "young" artists. I shouldn't lump anyone in with anyone, anyway. I think it's their hair--their hair all looks the same to me. The name of the song is "Cold Hands (Warm Heart)" (scroll down).

Hee Hee! It's the anti-Hi-Fidelity!!! Thanks to Joselito.


Queen of Sheba said...

Funny--I went to high school with Brendan Benson, I think. Heard him sing once, and he was good even then.

Lola said...

The more I listen to the few songs I have by him, the more I like him. That's cool that you went to school with him! You should get in contact with him and ask him if he's single...(Sorry--I ask everyone to play matchmaker for me).

Gknee said...

Love the new layout :)

Lola said...

Thank you :) I figured I'd try subtle for a little while :)