Monday, May 22, 2006

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

I'm here--I promise. I'll be here for the next three hours trying to sort out the songs I've listed and figure out what to write about them. Awww--you're still not upset about me missing last week, are you? I'm sorry! Here--have a Hello Kitty sticker. What? Oh, you want Chococat? Sure! Here's a cute sticker with Chococat on the cover. What? No, you can't have the whole sheet of stickers! Don't be greedy! What have I tried to teach you?


Anyways, I am sorry I missed last week and was late with this week. I was...distracted. Unfortunately, the source of my distraction is no longer a regular fixture in my life, so, more time for music. And lonely nights. And maybe Solitaire. Really I worry about Chester (one of my cats). I keep telling him not to get too attached--men come and go, but Deli-Cat is forever. Unfortunately he never listens. I see the tears glinting off the food bowl.

Okay, so I'm here. I've eaten and I'm now drinking General Foods International House Cappucino. Hey--don't judge! I was too tired/poor to go to Starhucks or the U.C. I take what I can get. Only a fool demands what she can't possibly get. Ya da ya da.

So, here we go. GET READY FOR CERULEAN'S LOVE OF MUSIC, MAY 22, 2006!!!!! (Eh, at least I tried to generate some excitement.)

*Starts to hyper-ventilate*

Sonic Youth, from

I love Sonic Youth! I love Sonic Youth! I don't know which song to talk about. I really wanted to post "Torquoise Boy", but is that available? *Nope..hello, Yousendit* Oh!!! I love "Incinerate"!!! I do believe in this Rapture, also. Ah hell--you all decide. I'm going to get a--

"Brandy Alexander" by The Walkmen is just frikkin' excellent. I loved them when I first heard "The Rat" (and I have banged my head against someone's door before--a long, long time ago) and so far I feel the same way about the songs I've heard. Most people are posting "Louisiana", which is a great song, but I took the hype-standard weblink least clicked on, or however that poem goes. *Bops head to song*

I get a lot of music through Myspace. I know a lot of people just delete those messages and friend requests, but I'm here to tell you: don't. Don't do it. Fight the temptation. If you listen to them you'll like a lot of them and love a few. It's worth listening to a dozen bands to get to one you love (I know--I do). Kite Flying Society e-mailed me, and with a name like that I couldn't not listen to their songs. The song I liked the best, "6000 Shipwrecks" is not available for download on their Myspace, but is available on "Cable and Tweed". This song makes me happy. Like the way "Yellow Submarine" made me feel when I was eight...or on drugs. Listen to the songs on Myspace, too, and use Hype Standard to find more songs by them. They're awesome.

I'd never paid attention to Gomez before. I would always think "what a silly name". I heard them on a podcast, though, and the songs I heard really stood out to me; particulary "See The World". It's a very pretty, slightly folky song. Don't let the French scare you--just scroll down to the bottom--you'll see the mp3s.

Oh wait...for her last song, Lola's going into SQUEALY GIRL MODE AGAIN! Oh! Oh! Oh! I love Snow Patrol. I love, love, love them. I want to shag them and make them mine. "Hands Open" is from their new album Eyes Open (see a pattern?). I want to shag this song and make it mine. It's a little harder than most of the songs off of "Final Straw", but that's okay with me. I have room in my heart (and my bed) for both the poetic, sensitive songs and the bang-worthy guitar spectacles.

Snow Patrol, from

I think I feel faint.

Bonus: I can't find this for download anywhere, but I'm just all head over heels for Brandtson's song "Earthquakes and Sharks". It can be heard on their Myspace site.

Until next boy rant...(I promise I haven't been drinking).

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