Sunday, October 08, 2006

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

Wow. This is a first. I'm doing the Five Songs post from somewhere other than my apartment. I've been practicing typosldng on a laptop computer so I could make this, the big step. I'm usng wireless in coffee shop. I am part of the early 21st century. I'm a poser hipster. Okay, so I'm too geeky (and spill too much coffee) to be a poser hipster, which is for the best.

For anyone wanting to know, I'm having a cafe latte instead of my usual mocha. I felt like being different. I wish I'd gotten a mocha.

The Sheds, "Too Many Pictures"

I kinda had to be out of the house if I wanted to avoid depression from this first song. I love this song--it's a really happy sounding song. The lyrics are very depressing, though, and in some parts very true to my family. The Ba Ba Ba background vocals and sunny playing keep the really dark thoughts away, but the lyrics are brutal. His family has a history of cancer and addictive personality. He smokes a lot and doesn't eat right. He drinks too much. Like me, he should go out more. There are too many pictures outside, though. What that means, I don't know. I still somehow understand. Ba ba ba ba.

The Sheds

The Sheds' Website (where two albums are downloadable for free) and their Myspace

I knew I shouldn't have brought the earbuds. One of them keeps falling out of my ear.

Oh my God. I paused the music and right then someone near me yawned very loudly and very exaggeratedly. Maybe this is why I do stuff like this at home.

Tegan and Sara, "When You Were Mine"

I'd forgotten how much I loved this song! I originally heard it when Cyndi Lauper did it--imagine her yelping the notes. It's a Prince song, and both versions, along with another really good version by Mitch Ryder and of course the T & S version is available at Un Violin, Un Jambon. The Tegan and Sara could do with some more production and the vocals could stand to be a little more polished (most Tegan and Sara songs aren't as rough as this one), but I'm still thrilled that they're doing one of my favorite Cyndi songs--and they try to do the yelps! Nothing beats the Cyndi version, though, as it should be. Cyndi's version was originally on her first album, She's So Unusual. I'm trying to figure out where the Tegan and Sara version is from; it could be unreleased. Maybe only the jambon people know. No, the person at knows! It's either unrealeased or a B-Side. Thank you FAQ Keeper! Oh, thank you My Old Kentucky Blog for the Ani DiFranco version!

Tegan and Sara's Website and Myspace. Cyndi Lauper's Website and Myspace.

Tegan and Sara

I really, really tried to look like Cyndi Lauper when I was young. I succeeded in looking like a dime-store version of her.

Heh heh--I'm taking a break in the post to listen to Goonies 'R Good Enough.

Tim Williams, "I Am Wearing It".

Such a pretty song. Such, such, such a pretty song. I'm not sure what he's wearing, but if he keeps singing about it this way, he can keep on wearing it. However unflattering it may be. The guitar reminds me of The Shins--the first few times I would hear it, I'd think it was "Those To Come". It turns into its own song, though. My favorite part when he says "I Am Wearing It"--it feels like the rest of that song is leading up to that one line.

His Website and his Myspace.

Tim Williams, looking melancholy and wearing a dark and white horizontally striped shirt.

Whoa...a plane just came really low. I was kinda worried it'd scrape us, but it didn't. Man, things happen out in the real world. Weird.

I can't wait until my boyfriend gets back. I think Mr. Yawning Man is trying to get my attention.

Ben Kweller, "Penny On The Train Tracks"

Everytime I hear Ben Kweller part of me wants to be him. Not in a "I want to be a young man from Texas" kind of way, but in a "I wish I'd had a full life like his". I mean, I don't know. Ultimately I know that bragging about bagging a chick in 7th grade, getting stoned and then later dropping out of high school isn't the best indicator of cool, but to a girl who didn't do anything in high school (I even was a 3rd wheel at the prom) there's something romantic and enticing about it. Plus, he went on to become a huge success without school. If he were working at the local Quick Stop (sorry Dante and Randal) then it wouldn't be romantic or enticing at all. It'd be sad and off-putting. But in Ben's case, it's kinda cool.

Ben Kweller
, looking spiffy

Ben Kweller's Website and Myspace

Why do I smell barbeque? How do I get some? Not fair! I think it's from the Middle Eastern restaurant around the corner. Oh God--I should never leave my home.

Two flies are currently losing their lives in my coffee. Uh--Barister? I found two flies in my coffee. That's what I get for sitting here for an hour.

The Whigs, "Technology"

Okay, so my favorite part of this time is the screechy vocal style. For someone who HATES emo, I have a thing for screechy vocals. As long as the singer doesn't bray, I'm all for shredded vocal chords. This guy rachets up the audio level on this one. It's quirky, fast-paced, with a blazing guitar part and the aforementioned scratching vocals. It's a perfect song if you need to wake up and/or want to coax laryngitis along. I can't let the post go by without mentioning that they're from Athens, the music hub of the South (hush, Nashville).

Yes, I do kinda look like Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth

The Whigs' Website and Myspace

I really wish I could afford to go to the Middle Eastern restaurant. Maybe I'll order Chinese later.

Thank God--something in here--I think air fragrance-- is overriding the food smell. I hope this hankerin' for barbeque goes away.

My back really hurts from this couch. I think next week I'm stayng at home. Mr. Yawning Man finally moved.

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