Sunday, December 03, 2006

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

Edited 12/4/06 EZArchive sucks sucks sucks! It didn't upload any of the songs I posted. I'm going to go throw a tantrum and scream into a pillow!

I've reuploaded the songs into Libsyn. They should work now.


I'm in a pissy mood tonight. I apologize for any tirade I may lunge into. I just had a brief moment where I got really frustrated because I couldn't find the mp3s on my computer, and I couldn't get EZArchive to work (I want to try using that so I can leave Libsyn for my podcasts) and yes, I will admit, I cried a little. Plus I cried because I've been writing/looking up music all day and I'm just now getting started on the post at almost six p.m.

Anyways, I'll be alright. I want to go on vacation. Is phasing into another dimension a viable travel plan? 'Cause that's what I want to do.

I'm also mad at Musicmatch. I'm one of the last non-Ipod owning portable-music playing aficianados out there, and I've been trying to prop up the support for the underdog(s) myself, which includes using a non-Apple player and Musicmatch's downloading service (I sometimes use Napster, too).

I want a video player b/c sometime soon audio podcasts are going to be a thing of the past, and video will be the norm. So, I figured I need a video player. I studied the main IPod competitors. The Zune is a joke (if I "disappear", go looking at Microsoft), the Creative Zen seems like the best option, but it's incredibly bulky. The Gigabeat, while great in some ways, in other ways apparently sucks (the battery life, the tech support). So, honestly, the IPod is looking to be the superior product in every way. Damn me. I am a puppet of the great God of Apple.

So, Musicmatch letting me down today really upset me. I supposedly downloaded a song, but it didn't download properly. I spent almost an hour trying to send a request for assistance to their support site. It was a joke and very frustrating.

Anyways, so IPod is already looking like my best option. I use ITunes to download some podcasts, but I also use Juice. Juice has been screwing up lately. I'm being let down from all sides by non-Apple products.

Anyways, whining's over. On to my five songs:

Morning State, "Must Go Up"

This has been one of my favorite songs to listen to this week. I mean, not just regular fondness, but this song is one of my favorites forever kind of fondness. This is the reason that even though I couldn't find a non-podcasted version of the song, I'm posting it anyways. I'm sorry I could only find a version with a talkie part at the beginning, bu I lost a little more of my sanity trying to find a copy (and I ain't going to Musicmatch).

The singer's voice is rich, deeply expressive and capable of supporting the emotional demand of lyrics like "there's a part of me that wants to be unseen, that wants to be alone in the dark". You can't have a boppy, sunshiny voice with a lyric like that. Well, you can, but it's totally incongruous (which works sometimes). The music is stark, consisting of staccato guitar notes and a thumping drum. According to the podcast-y bit, the song is about one of the member's dog. If they ever run out of ideas for songs, they can write a song about my cat Quatsch. She has cancer, so she deserves to be in a song.

This is their website (where the song is available, though I originally got it from Paste) and this is their Myspace. They have an EP called Retreat!!!, but as far as I can tell, the song I posted is unreleased. They e-mailed me to say they appreciate my interest. That rules :) Oh yeah, they're from Atlanta (my favorite Southern city) and Athens. I'm a Georgia girl, so I notice things like that.

Awww! Morning State look so humble!

Palisades, "Architecture"

This is an awesome song. I love the "ahuh, ahuh" vocals. I don't know what the heck the song is about--something about buildings and t.v. It's ultra-cute, though, and that's what matters. They also play with two other musicians I adore: Damien Jurado and The Blow. This song is actually a few years old, but you know how it goes in the Indie world. It takes time for word of blog to spread, sometimes. This song is from their self-titled EP.

Palisades' Website and Myspace.

The Palisades. I'm suspicious of the one guy looking at the camera. He knows something vital; I can just tell.

Mazarin, "Your Advice"

Whimper! Whimper! Mazarin have been coerced into retiring their beautiful and destinctive name. I love their name. It sounds so cool. It reminds me of marzapin, and that's really cool. They say they'll go on recording under another name, but it's a shame that they have to start over after they've built a name for themselves, and a website, a Myspace, and several CDs...

They're one of my favorite bands of all time, and they're offering this song as consolation for us. I'd rather have the band back as it was, but this song is good and I'm happy to share it with you. I believe it's unreleased, but their most recent album is from 2005 and is great.

Mazarin's Website and Myspace (this Mazarin has 82,000 views while the other Mazarin has 3,000...hmmm...who should defer?)

If Jesus had made an appearance in the 70's (and who knows--maybe he did),
his followers might've looked something like Mazarin.

Jonathon Coulton, "Ikea"

Oh my God! I've never heard a song about furniture! This wins the cute and inventive title of the week (and that ain't easy with the competition in this post). It's a song about Ikea furniture! Apparently it folds up. If you don't have a home you can buy one at Ikea. How awesome! "Ikea" originally appeared on the album Smoking Monkey.

Coulton's website offers a lot more songs for free, and he specifically states that there is no copyright restrictions on any of them; he's just asking for donations. He's awesome!! Once I get through this period of vet bills, etc., I will send him money just 'cause I really appreciate what he's doing). If you want any of his offered songs, just click on the smiley face for the free download. He also has a podcast from Popular Science. He's triple-awesome! (I've officially tripped some wire in my brain. I think it's going to pop soon). I tried to find a Myspace for him, but couldn't. Here's his press release, though.

Jonathon Coulton is wearing a dark maroon-colored shirt. He must be broody.

Mindy Smith, "Outloud"

I don't know why, but for some reason the copy I have of this is very low quality--40kb (or whatever). I apologize for that.

I posted Mindy Smith's "Come To Jesus" quite awhile ago, and I'm happy to report that this song is as good as that one. I'm always worried that if I love one song from an artist I won't like others. Sometimes it happens that way, which is disappointing. I haven't heard many of her songs, but I'm not at all disappointed in this one. Being a devoted fan of alt-country and folk music, I expect matters of God and religion to be a part of many of the songs I listen to. I'm not religious (though I am spiritual), but I don't mind religious matters in music as long as I'm not being preached to; in fact, if it's included honestly, it can give a song resonance that might not've been there, and it can make a song even more moving. She evokes God in an indirect way, imploring him through prayer, singing "I think about it, I pray about it, out loud". Melodic and melancholy, this song makes me want to pray right along with her. This is from her new album, Long Island Shores.

Mindy Smith's Website and Myspace


Thank you for reading, especially through my bad mood tirade ;) I need yogurt and wine, now.

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