Sunday, February 15, 2009

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By

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Okay, folkses. Dis is deh deal. I'm sick. My head is all stuffed full of gunk, and it's leaking. I ain't in fine form. I've been drinking tea all day (I didn't even drink coffee!) and I've been taking herbal supplements and Dayquil. I'm going to drink some Acai juice in a few minutes. Nothing has been helping. Of course insisting on trudging to the movie theater in the rain last night probably didn't help. It was Valentine's! I wanted to see Coraline! Great movie, btw. I love stop-motion. Maybe it's cause I'm naturally slow. I can identify with the characters.

Anyhoo, this post may not be up to my usual snuff, because of, you know, all the stuff in my head. Also, I only had two songs picked out before I got sick. I tried to listen to songs yesterday so that I could find a third song, but everything sounded tinny and far away. I couldn't really listen well to the music so I gave up. it's going to make the reviews for the two songs I do have hard to write!

Faunts, "Feel. Love. Thinking. Of."

Ooh...I feel very fuzzy-brained right now. Very hazy. That's mostly 'cause I'm sick. However, I've always had a thing for ambient, fuzzy music, and look! Here's a very fuzzy, poppy song (poppy in a good way). Now I just need to be floating in space like I do in some of my dreams. The chorus of this song reminds me of Mates of State--a more atmospheric Mates of State, slowed down by 50%. Slowed down like my reflexes, after I take my cold medicine.


The one poor sod on the right looks hopelessly at the camera, wondering when his band mates will quit waiting for Spiderman to climb up the window. "It's never going to happen", he thinks sullenly to himself.

Odawas, "Harmless Lover's Discourse"

If the last song made me feel like I was floating into space, this song makes me feel like I've been there a long, long time. I feel a little like space may be opening up its song to me. Maybe that's just the cold medicine. Nope, I think the stars are singing to me. Huh...the planets are gorgeous on the piano. It's like they're playing just for me. Appropriately, the song has the lyric "this could be your last day on earth". I feel like mine was Wednesday, when I first started getting sick. Now I'm way past the asteroid belt. This song will definitely inspire some of my Dayquil dreams and Nyquil nights.

More mp3s available here

Murky, opaque, illusory. Like their music. I like it.

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