Saturday, July 18, 2009

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By

The Nightgowns, "Narwhal Aerobics"

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The Tickle Monsters have struck again! And they've taken the form of doggies!!!!

Flight of the Conchords, "Hurt Feelings"

Oh, Flight of the Conchords. I love you so much that I want to cry. I love you so much that I want to make funny, well-rhymed ditties that will impress you so much that you will love me too. Oh well. I'm sounding a little like Mel, and that's freaky. This song is from the most recent season of their show (and their upcoming album I Told You I Was Freaky). I still haven't seen all of the season because my mom tapes it for me (Hey--HBO is expensive!) and she only works with VCRs (21st century's a bitch) and our VCR broke. We bought a new VCR, though (yes, they still make them. Stop laughing) and I plan to figure out what I did with the tapes my mom gave me.


Oh, so they have cheesy photo studios in New Zealand, too? I'll take two 8 x 10s and some wallet sized.


EELS, In My Dreams

Blitzen Trapper, "Black River Killer"

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make Beats said...

Well, it's some kind of mellow songs/country kind of tunes here(correct me if I'm wrong), and it's nice.