Saturday, February 20, 2010

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By, Pt. 2

Seth Augustis "Trickeries of the Great Emptiness" and "Tiny Little Heads" (MP3s courtesy of the music promotional site, Team Clermont).

Heh. The second song kind of freaks me out, but not in a bad way. Kind of the same way I was freaked out when I went to New Orleans on my birthday (AKA Halloween) and ran around the cemetery at midnight.* Fond, but creepy memories...

*I can't remember if it was the midnight starting my birthday (All Hallow's Eve) or the midnight ending my birthday. I should remember that, but I was doing what most people do in the French Quarter on a holiday. I was drinking. So, I don't remember much of that weekend.

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"This is the music God hears in his sleep when He has a high fever..."
- Spider Robinson (AKA that author that my boyfriend really likes and quotes all the time)

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