Saturday, April 03, 2010

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By, Part One

Abney Park

I love the genre Steampunk. I've always been drawn to fiction that takes place in Victorian times (Sherlock Holmes is one of my favorite characters) and when I became aware of the concept of blending gadgets (zeppelins!), bodices, goggles, daggers, pirates and many more anachronistic items into one dazzling narrative, I just went all ga ga. I'm still a little ga ga. Okay, I was ga ga before I heard about any of this stuff, but you know I what I mean. Steampunk rules!

My friend Heidi, who listens to a lot of darkwave and gothic* played the band Abney Park for me. I'd heard the name, but I'd never heard the music. I figured it was another darkwave outfit. I like some darkwave stuff, but some of it is a little too melodramatic for me.

Not this! This is the perfect amount of drama! It has airships! Pirates! Goggles! Bodices! Probably daggers too! Perhaps even a pistol, or some type of projectile bullet contraption.

I'm looking for more videos from these intrepid adventurers. I'm also wishing I had $63 to buy their whole damn catalog! I'll save my money and maybe in a few months...of course I'd like an awesome airship pirate outfit to wear to Dragoncon this year!

Wikipedia site

Not related to Abney Park, but here's a Steampunk Forum. I want to learn to make some fantastic clothing.

*I used to listen to darkwave and gothic when Peter Murphy was King and us humble servants watched videos on 120 Minutes

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