Sunday, May 02, 2010

120 Minutes

Some girls remember staying up late to watch the Ms. America pageant. Some girls may have watched cooking shows until their eyes were too heavy to take in the creme pie they were being shown prepared.

Me? I wasn't one of those girls...(which explains why all of my food came in a box or a can until recently). I was the girl who fought with my parents to let me stay up until 2:00 in the morning every Sunday night/Monday morning.

Or, perhaps I should clarify. I was the girl who sat directly in from of the TV every Sunday night/Monday morning and put the volume down low in the *hopes* that my parents wouldn't notice the bright light spilling out from beneath my doorway.

Well, childhood was canceled many years ago, *but* through the miracle of archived internet video, we can watch it again.

I had found the...drumroll...Archived 120 Minutes and Subterranean page. Whoo hoo!

Unfortunately, I don't think it plays the actual show...I just clicked on one of the music videos and it took me to a Youtubed version of the video. I'm sure I can find footage of my man Dave Kendall somewhere...

This is the first video I clicked on from the page(though technically not from my childhood. Though I was still a child when I was 20). Yes, Siouxsie, we are the prettiest of all...

Okay, so this one actually came out when I was a child. I love Kate Bush! And dudes!!! Dawn French and Hugh Laurie are in it! I don't remember that! They were both in stuff I watched (The Young Ones, and in Dawn's case The Comic Strip), but I don't think I became aware of who they were until later in the 80's).

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