Saturday, June 26, 2010

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By, Part One

Suzanne Vega, "Gypsy" (Rerecorded, Streaming-Only)

20+ years later and I still remember the words. This was the first "modern" folk artist I ever heard. My only previous exposure to folk music was, of course, Simon and Garfunkel (imagine a 17 year old girl lying awake in the dark listening to "Sound of Silence". Then imagine the girl getting up to change the record to The Cure's Disintegration. Records were not insomnia-friendly.) Along with Simon, Garfunkel, Joni, Cat, Jefferson Airplane and The Beatles (I'm not sure if they're considered "folk", but they had folky elements), I had Suzanne Vega. I knew every word of the songs on her debut and the album "Gypsy" comes from, Solitude Standing. I even had "Left of Center" on the Pretty in Pink soundtrack.

Official Website

Interview in Second Life (apparently "Tom's Diner" was used to refine the MP3!)

"Tom's Diner" with piano. The video quality is poor.

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