Saturday, September 18, 2010

Harvey Danger

Harvey Danger, "Show Must Not Go On" (MP3 courtesy of KEXP Song of the Day podcast)

Website (More downloads are available under "downloads")
Harvey Danger Flickr Archive (Because I'm trying not to give all the attention to Facebook. Dang. I just mentioned Facebook. They got some attention. Forget I mentioned Facebook!)

This is when the band got cornered by the gargantuan creature from the movie Cloverfield. You can't tell, but the monster had ripped out the other side of the room. Or, it's the one person who didn't like their cover of "Save It For Later". (Hey--I love their version. T'wasn't me.)
Photo credited to Ryan Schierling (I had to crop the image because it was only publishing half of the image as it was...even when I downsized it. My apologies to Mr. Schierling.)

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