Sunday, March 06, 2011

Will Kimbrough

I was thinking about a song I love called "Chimayo". I first heard it five years ago, and I put it on my blog back then. The song is from his 2000 album This. For being a self-professed "Queen of Media", I can be behind on some music. It's the nature of independent music - it takes time for word-of-webpage to come around.

I hadn't looked at his site in awhile, so I decided to find out what's going on with Mr. Kimbrough.

His website has a player on the splash page, along with Youtube, Facebook, and other social media links at the bottom and bio, tour information, and other links at the top.

Since I first heard him, he's had four full-length albums and an EP as a solo artist (per his Amazon listing), he's recorded as part of the band "DADDY", he's produced and written for several artists and he's toured extensively. He's also been fortunate enough to start a family, which I suspect is featured in the video below :) Or, perhaps they really are angels...

His website doesn't have much of his music streaming, so the best way to hear it is by going to his Youtube page, his LastFM page, Amazon and the "My band" section of his Facebook. His website has his blog, but you can also subscribe to it here.

From Will Kimbrough's 2010 album Wings

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