Saturday, June 09, 2001

Oh...I'm so bad. I never update this thing. I promise I'll get better at it. I'm not working as Guess what I am doing? I'm playing the AI game! Go to to find out what the what is. The movie comes out June 29th, so the game may be solved by then. Hopefully the sites will be up for awhile later than that, though. I'm on the cloudmakers yahoogroups list, and I go to the Irc channel quite a bit. Cloudmakers will tell you how to connect to the irc channel. I'm working at The Loop==a pizza restaurant--right now. It's okay, but greater things must be around the corner. I'm studying to be a medical transcriptionist (a good fit for my english major and typing skills) but I will only really be happy once I become a full fledged writer. It's Sat. night now. As usual, I'm not doing anythign but staying at home. I'm about to go watch t.v. I'm off tomorrow and I was off today, that's good. Wow...I sound so upbeat :/ maybe I'll ahve bettr stuff to day tomorrow :)

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