Sunday, June 24, 2001

Okay, so what's been going on with me. Nothing. I found some comics I'd bought two years ago, and never read, and I read them. I discovered that they were indeed excellent comics and endeavored to look up anything I could about the artist/writer. His name's Adrian Tomile, and the link for the google search I did is above. I've looked at about four sites/articles and am pretty satisfied that I have a fair amount of info on the comics and the author. He's about three years younger than me (boo...sic...) and he's been doing this since he was in high school. I'm glad that he hasn't done so many issues of his comic ("Optic Nerve") that I can't ever catch up (well, if I don't start earning more money, I may never buy another thing again.) and he's only got two books (which are compilations of Optic Nerve, and his earlier self-published version of Optic Nerve, I think.) So, I"m good to go. I really really really, like totally (I mean really) liked this comic, so if anyone ever reads this (and lives to tell about it) pick up this book. You can order it through drawn and quarterly's website (they're the publisher, y'know.) They have a website. It's (Lola scrambles to find URL) (that was hard). BTW, if you find yourself without a website to visit, give my live journal a holler ( ) and if you wanna, (only if you wanna, 'cause I'm not into brute force to get people to look at my websites, or anything...) take a gander at my homepage: It's my site of links. Eventually, I'll have a site with my writing up, but for now it's just this. I've got alot of pages in the works, but they never seem to make it from my harddrive to any actual websites (poor things...they just can't seem to find the motivation to go.) Okay,well that's it for now. I've been playing the AI game alot for the last month, but I haven't been to the chat room all weekend. I went to Jax today (that's Jacksonville, Fl.) and it was thundering when I got back, so I watched t.v. Yesterday I just didnt' feel like talking. I worked yesterday, was off today, and work just a little tomorrow. I got my favourite comic book today, Strangers in Paradise, No. 41. I heard someone mention (on a message board) that is was ending soon...I hope it was just one of those silly teenage misperceptions/miscommunication/delusion thing. Ummm...what else. I wish I were still in college. I wish I were doing something worthwhile with my life :/ C'est tout pour aujourdui (can't remember how to spell that.), I'll write more later. :) The Cerulean we all know and love.

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