Saturday, February 19, 2005

Corrina Repp "Finally." I love this song. I want to take this song wherever I go. This song will request a restraining order on me, but I won't care.

Reclinerland " As Paranoid As I Am." In other words, I need someone who obsessively goes back three times to make sure the stove really is off before going to work. Then checks again to make sure the radiator is off.


Asobi Suksu" Walk on the Moon" video. In addition, here's the mp3.

Morrissey" I Have Forgiven Jesus." Okay, just point me in the right direction so I can jump.

The Postal Service "Against All Odds." Secret: I loved this song when I was kid; still do. Secret: I never saw Wicker Park and don't care to. Secret: I really like this version! I love The Postal Service, but was kinda like "uhhhh...." when I saw this video on IFilm. But, okay, here it is.

As a bonus, I didn't know The Shins had a video for "New Slang.". I'd seen the videos for Know Your Onion!, The Past & The Pending and So Says I, but I'd never seen one for my favorite Shins song. I just happened to find this. Cool, huh?


Nick Douglas said...

Thanks for pointing this stuff out. You're one of only two music blogs I read.

Lola said...

Thank you for saying so! It's nice to know someone's paying attention. One day I plan to be a legend, and you can say you were one of my first posters!!!