Friday, February 11, 2005


Andrew Bird, "
Tables & Chairs." His voice reminds me of Nick Drake. I coldn't find an mp3, so I linked to the Amazon site. I also like the song "Measuring Cups."

Reuben's Accomplice, "
All Chorus." I love this song. I couldn't find an mp3, but it's streamed here.

Seedy Gonzalez, "
Love's Theosophy." If anyone's ever heard the great Nails song "88 Lines for 44 Woman," this song reminds me so much of that--and the singer sounds remarkably like the singer of the Nails. Maybe they're the same...I mean, sure the 88 Lines song came out in the 80's, but who knows...

Subtract By Two, "
Transgression Suite." It's a pretty, pretty instrumental song. It makes me want to fall on a cloud, and stay there.

The Linger Effect, "
The Small Time." It's one of those lo-fi songs I like. Jangly. Click on "media" to access download.


Nick Douglas said...

I dig "Love's Theosophy" too. And I'm listening to Wonderful Smith right now; I can't find lyrics for their stuff anywhere. IM me some time (Decaf Silicon) and we can compare band names that no one else knows.

Lola said...

Cool! I don't IM (I'm on the computer at such irregular times) but feel free to e-mail me anytime. My e-mail is . How did you find my blog? Just looking up music?

I'm listening to a band called Chin Up Chin Up. I like the two songs I've heard.

Anonymous said...

hi.. i can get you lyrics to wonderful smith stuff! email me at