Sunday, June 26, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

Tychenot, "Half-Mast." I just got this song the other day, and it's made an instant impression on me. I don't know anything about this band, but I'll be finding out more.

I claim to be a Cars fan, but I downloaded "Misfit Kid" by Jon Auer about a month or so ago and
promptly forgot it was a Cars cover. I've been loving this little song since and didn't realize until I looked it up again that it was by The Cars. I direct-linked it (sorry, Not Lame) because it's too difficult to navigate the page. Most people would give up :) Also it's just a sample; unfortunately it's not the whole song. But I will get that cd when I can. I guess I can now, but I'm too tired. Maybe tomorrow.

I first downloaded "Moving" by Sarah Dougher quite a few months ago. And then for some
reason I didn't listen to it. Don't know why--it just never came up on my mp3 player. Then it came up one day when I was walking around my neighborhood, and of course
forevermore it will be associated with my neighborhood (a little distressing for a song called "Moving.") Anyway, now I play this song all the time. I frikkin' love it. It's a great break-up song.

I'm going to have to do this next one as a yousendit link. The site I got it from originally, Borrowed Tunes, has taken it down. I'm just not quick enough. Anyway, this is a pretty nifty song. I remember The Go-Betweens from the day (and I mean "the day." The 80s, baby). They've been back together for a few years, and "Darlinghurst Nights" is one of my favorites of the songs I've heard lately.

And time for my retro-active link. I've been dying to post this song for months because it's one of my favorite songs of all-time. It's from the late 90s. At the time I had a job cleaning office buildings (the best job I ever had) and I'd listen to this song over and over while I was working. It never failed to make me laugh; luckily I was alone (best job ever.) This is another yousendit link (good for one week). The band is long dissolved, unfortunately, but their name was Pee Shy and the song is "Little Dudes."

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Beat said...

Substitution Mass Confusion is probably one of the best tributes I've ever heard. Well worth your money!