Tuesday, June 14, 2005

a very late "Five Songs I'm Loving This Week."

I've had a really tough last two weeks (I don't even know why.) The unfortunate byproduct of that is I only heard one or two new songs. Even those I didn't download--I streamed them through the internet. Some of them I heard through watching the videos. Anyways, because of this, this week's Five Songs update is going to be very videocentric. I apologize greatly for this. Perhaps next week's will make up for it twofold.

A ha! (No, not the band, though one day I will post some of their songs 'cause they're still making awesome music.) I mean, A Ha! An actual mp3. And this song is effin' awesome (I've taken to the "word" effin'). It's
The Blow, Jet Ski Accidents. I love that damn song.

One of my favorite bands is a group consisting of two female twins, Tegan and Sara. The name of the band is--what did you think? Tegan & Sara. They're from Canada, and they're one of the best pop bands around, in my opinion. I haven't heard a bad song from them.
This is the video for Speak Slow (I love them so much I won't dwell on the grammatical error.)

I just discovered
this singer about two weeks ago. Her name is Sarah Harmer. Click on the audio/video link. None of this is for download, unfortunately. The song and video for "Always" is awesome. Warning: You have ta like slightly countrified songs to like this. She's Canadian--those Canadians do countrified better than us southerners.

Another song I love is by a band called The Long Winters. The band consists of one guy, John Roderick. Funny how some of my favorite bands seem to consist of "basically one guy." Anyhow, the song is "Scent of Lime", and it can be found

And finally, a little retroactivity. This is one of my favorite songs in the world. I mean it. I am taking this song to the grave. And I shall find some way to listen to it there. The song may be over twenty years old, but it's still one of the greatest things I've ever heard. It's also the first The The song I ever heard. (Quite possibly one of the first recorded.) This is a direct link--it's called
"Uncertain Smile."

That's all for this week.

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