Sunday, July 17, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

(Update: Still working overtime. Still exhausted. Still rambling)

I'm a little bit confused. I can't believe I haven't linked to the song "When She Appeared" but Aaron Booth yet, because I listen to this song every day and I love it. I don't see it in the last few months of posts, though, and I'm too tired to go back to the beginning of the year. If I have posted it, I apologize, and maybe
someone will see it who missed it the first time. Anyways, find it on his site, along with more of his songs.

TOMIHIRA, "2 LATE" I just heard of this band today (named after the lead singer.) I really like all the songs, but the one I'm specifically mentioning stood out for me. Thanx to Sixeyes. Also see their Myspace site.

I've listened to this song probably a hundred times, and this is another one I don't believe I've linked to. She has a beautiful voice, and this song is a stand-out. It's by Rose Polenzani, and it's called " Blue Angel." It makes me cry (as all good songs do--well, some good songs don't make me cry. Gwen Stefani's "Rich Girl" only makes me cry because I want all the Vivienne Westwood clothes I can buy. M.I.A.'s songs don't make me cry. Neither do the Flaming Lips. But most good songs make me cry.)

This is a nice alt-country song. Very Appalachian sounding (not that I know much about that area, but I imagine the music sounding alot like this.) The name of the band is Hank Dogs, and the song is " Whole Way." Thanx to Six Eyes again.


I was (cough, cough, sputter) years old when this cd (yes, they were making cds then) came out, and it's actually one of my oldest cds. And it still plays! This album knocked me over when I first heard it, and it still does (cough, cough, sputter) years later. I don't know if she's still making music, but I know I didn't too much care for the two cds I heard after this one (unfortunately.) Her name is Tanita Tikaram, and the song is "Twist In My Sobriety." (This link is good for only one week.)

I'd like to include the next song as a bonus. I'm not making it part of the regular post because I just linked to a song of theirs a few weeks ago, plus the song is quite a few years old. The song is very awesome, though, and I always turn it up a little when it comes on my mp3 player. It's by the July 26th Movement, and it's called "All Farewells."(Another Yousend it link, good for seven days.) I originally heard it through Ben Loves Music.

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