Sunday, July 31, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

I'm going to have more than one song from 3hive today because I'm worried they'll take them down, though one of the songs is from June, so the risk of that seems minimal. Still, I like the songs I heard, so there's no point in waiting to post them.

The first song is in the most recent post, and it's by a band called The Constantines. Their music seems to run between hard, fast punk and more melodic punk, reminding me some of my favorite Clash/Joe Strummer songs. This song, "On to You" is the latter. The singer breathes between phrases and instead of a steady, furious pace, the band allows the song to slightly dissolve, just to build back up again. I love songs like that.

...and I just like the second song. I'm not sure what to say about it. It's called "Pass the Music"; it's by a band called The Movies, and this guy's voice gets under my skin, but in an ultra-good way. Much like Jeff Buckley's did. I want him to pass the music to me. I want to be there to catch the music, and hand it back to him if he'd like me to.

There's a song I linked to a few weeks ago called "I Lost You, But I Found Country Music." I actually first heard the band Ballboy through Said the Gramophone, but I downloaded the song from the band's website. Well I just fell in love with that song. I'd play it over and over again and think of the ex-boyfriends who I'm sure would think of me should they hear it. Then I realized there was no possible for me to be any more juvenile. Anyway, the point is: how happy was I to find another version of it sung by Laura Cantrell with the singer from Ballboy, Gordon McIntire? I was ver' happy. Ver' happy, indeed.

Y'know. I'd never thought I'd like a song by anyone named Bobo. I never thought I'd ever have occasion to come across anyone named Bobo. However, there is this song called "Stop" that is very beautiful, and that I absolutely adore. It is by a gentleman named Harlan T. Bobo. I do not know if that is a stage name, but it is the name the song is billed under.

The last song isn't a 3hive song. The name of it is "Call it Clear", and it's be a band named Halloween, Alaska. Cool name, huh? I got it off the wonderful Fingertips site. I've been listening to this every day since I downloaded it a few weeks ago. Besides the obvious connection of their name, and my birthday being Halloween, I just like this song. It's pretty, it's delicate and I love the way it cuts off mid-word. I just love that stuff.

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