Sunday, December 11, 2005

My Five Songs update is going to be delayed until tomorrow or the next day. Why? Because I love you all, and I don't want to do a half-assed job (or quarter-assed, 'cause frankly I usually do a half-assed job, and that's always worked out fine). So, I'm waiting until I'm prepared.

Why aren't I prepared? hmph. Why don't you mind your business ;) Oh, okay. You've gotten me to spill...I've been talking a man. A real man! One who lives in the same city as I do! One who loves the same stuff I do, and is showing great affection for me, and I feel great affection for him.

I'm turning into a 12 year old girl--dedicating songs to him, and scratching his initials into my monitor (just got a few sparks, but now his initials run through everything I read!) and planning to take him to Fernandina with me to see the beautiful beach (wait, it's December. It's always very windy and cold--screw it. We're going to the beach, damnit!) so, I've been busy.

I haven't forgotten you--I promise. I'm just a little slow these days with anything not directly pertaining to a possible mate.

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