Thursday, December 22, 2005

This five songs post is brought to you by hormones. Lots and lots of hormones.

I know. I suck. I neglected my weblog for two weeks.

The first song, "I'll Be Waiting", by Archer Prewitt is a lovely and deceptively simple song. I feel like I should be lying in a bed of recently fallen leaves on a New England farm, or sitting on a rock drinking wine in the mountains of Colorado when I'm listening to it. It's not a sad song, but it's not necessarily a happy song. It's melancholic, but not in a depressed or dire way. It just is, I guess. It's the zen buddhist of songs.

The next song, "Nervous" (direct link) starts out with just guitar and the singer's voice. The combination is melodic, beautiful, hopeful and slightly melancholy. The addition of drums seems to add a bit of urgency to the song and diminish the melancholy a bit, but it's a beautiful song throughout.

Okay, the next three are brought to you by the man who stole me away from you all. I didn't even have to tell him I liked Beth Orton--I guess he just knew that since he liked her there was a good chance I'd like her, too. Surprise, I do. (Okay, I'll stop acting like an idiot now). Anyways, Beth Orton rules, and this is her awesome new song "Conceived."

I've got a few songs by a band called Loudermilk, and the one I'm currently stuck on is "Attached at the Mouth". I'm mega-uploading 'cause I tried to find it on blogs and such but it wasn't meant to be. It's an introspective, thoughtful piano and guitar driven track. Okay, so yeah, it's romantic and my guy is romantic, and *swoon*

The last song is by a band called Saybia, and this song is romantic to the point of shattering my heart. It's just gorgeous--it's called "It's Okay, Love". It's all piano, and the lyrics are beautiful: "Just when I thought there was nobody out there no one who could quite understood me I glanced to the side and I found you there smiling patiently holding my hand saying over and over it's ok love easy love I'm yours." His voice conveys so much emotion it positively trembles.

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