Sunday, February 19, 2006

...Just to read my diary
...Just to read my diary

Wow...this is the best remix I've ever heard in my life. I've heard a lot of remixes; I started collecting 12 inches back when there were still records. This goes beyond the standard cut-up rehash of 12" past, though. This is a total reworking of the song. It's like taking a fence that was familiar and sturdy--strong, serviceable, but no longer surprising--and turning it into a beautifully wrought iron fence. Huh. was a good lay, good lay was a good lay, good lay

I wrote about The Elected a year or so ago; "Greetings in Braille" is a great song that I still get in my head every few weeks--especially when I'm walking along the street I used to walk down all the time when I first heard it. The singer and writer of the songs (I try to avoid saying "singer/songwriter" out of desire not to sound lame) is Blake Sennett, half of the well-known (for us indie fans, anyway) band Rilo Kiley.

The music he makes for The Elected is less alt-country; instead it's still as genial and wistful, but poppier (?? Would I describe it as pop?? It's better than pop. I don't know what it is.) Their new album is called Sun, Sun, Sun and the first song I heard from it is "Not Going Home". I understand the sentiment; today I was out for two hours because I just didn't want to be home. I'm with ya on that, Blake.

Also on the same label, Sup Pop, is a band I just heard of about a month ago, Rogue Wave. I thank my friend Tony for introducing me. Turns out Rogue Wave is touring with a lot of bands I like--it's weird that I didn't know of them--like finding out you have a cousin that everyone in your family knows except you. I like all the songs I've heard by them, but the one that makes me tear up a little (okay, a lot) is "Salesman at the Day of the Parade (scroll down to #3). He really sounds sorry for what he's done.

Next we have a cool song from a band named The Owls. Yes, I do think of Harry Potter when I say that, but wizard connotations or no, this is a pretty awesome song. It's called "Air" The verses go by quickly, but the chorus slows down. She says "there's only air...where I used to care.." That mirrors my state of mind most days. (Warning: Hot link. I hope Fingertips forgives me; I can't remember how to get a relatively isolated version of the song.)

One of my favorite bands for years now has been Hem; they make some of the most beautiful alt-country music in this country. They have a new album out called No Word from Tom, and while I haven't heard any of it (I'm not cool enough yet to get advanced copies of a lot of music ) I have heard their version of REM's South Central Rain. Unfortunately, after 1/2 hour of searching, the only mp3 version I could find was from a podcast and had a whole lot of exposition. So I made the tough decision to link to a streaming version. I know--I'm an evil, bad mp3 blog mistress.

What Hem has done with the song is exquisite to say the least. It's available for streaming on their Myspace site.

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