Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lots of Songs I'm Loving This Week

Okay, let's get started. Yes, you. In the back! Pay attention! I have alot of ground to cover tonight. I usually only do 5 songs because frankly remembering where the hell I parked five songs, writing the post and actually posting it takes me a few hours and I always end up exhausted. Tonight I have alot more than five songs, and I'm going to go ahead and post as many as I can before death or tiredness consumes me; as it is I'm posting some songs I've had for a few months--some of them I got back in August (I have almost 4,000 songs. Sometimes it takes awhile for a song to come up on my player).

The first song was posted on My Old Kentucky Blog in August of 2005. It's been waiting patiently for it's turn. It's called "Heart of Snow" and it's by Black Mountain (right click on the link and choose "save as" because directly clicking on it won't save it). It starts out with a very low guitar line and within a few seconds other instruments, along with the singer's trembling voice, come sneaking in behind it. The soft dirge quality is abandoned a few minutes into the song for a bit of thrashiness, which I don't mind, but I'm all about the quiet moroseness. The moroseness does come back, and in all it's a very quiet, meditative and sad song.

I play folk music probably more than any other type, and there's a really good reason: I love it. The genre is more assured and complete than it was in the sixties and certainly more abundant now than at any time since then. I heard the next song for the first time today but I immediately loved it. I got it from Said the Gramophone but it can also be found at the band's Myspace site. The song is called "Joanna"; it's beautiful and it's by Peasant. The guy even e-mailed me at Myspace! How cool is that?

Also from Myspace is a musician named Paul Weinfield. He plays under the name Tam Lin, and I'm in love with his song "Porcelain Boy." I would say the song is as beautiful as porcelain, but not at all fragile.

To download the songs in myspace, just click on "download" under each song. It takes Myspace a little while to download. I don't really blame Myspace for the lag; afterall, thousands of horny single/single for the night people are using it at any given moment. I'm just greatful Myspace can withstand the pressure of all the hooking up.

Vigilantes of Love say we're going to be alright. Personally, I'm choosing to believe them. They're vigilantes, and vigilantes always have a purpose. I like that in a band. Anyways, he also says "put on your coat when it's bitter cold" and that's excellent advice, because it is as cold as Antartica out there. Okay, so that's an exaggeration, but the amount I like the song "Galaxy" by Bill Mallonnee and Vigilantes of Love is not exaggerated. It's an excellent song and worthy of being downloaded and played over and over again. Once again it's a song I've had since August. It looks like the band is no more (or the singer's part in it is no more.) Here's his website.

One of my favorite folk singers is the ex-singer of 'Til Tuesday, Aimee Mann. The music she's written and performed since the 80's has only gotten more perfect. As much as I liked Til Tuesday in the day (and I did--I tried to get my hair like hers) those songs never could have the impact her newer ones do. Lately I've been playing her song "River" everyday, and I'm still amazed by it.

I've mentioned the band July 26th Movement about a thousand times since I started this blog. I love them. It's no secret. They are one of the most perfect bands in my opinion. Well, as I've also mentioned before they've changed their name and they're now known as The Coast. Same music, different name. The band was kind enough (of course they were--they're Canadian. I would expect no less) and generous enough to send me one of the last copies of the July 26th Movement EP "Take A Walk Outside". It's just five songs (a few of which they said would make it to the new cd) but the songs are perfect. They get inside my head and they don't leave. I don't want them to leave. Lately I've always had some lyric of theirs as the signature in my e-mail. Yes, I love them that much.

Since I did get one of the last copies of the EP, I'd like to post my two current favorite songs from it. It's "Take A Walk Outside and "Landscape". I'm serious--if you haven't already heard them, listen to them.

The next song is from a cd I got from the library. Yes, the library. You read me right. I rarely (read: never) get music cds from the library--I just never think to. I get movies from the library and even occasionally books, but never music cds. Audiobooks, yes. Anyway, I was at the new library downtown a few weeks ago and I decided to look around the cds a bit. I saw some interesting things--some cds I have that I know if the wrong parent actually paid attention to would be gone. I sure as hell ain't gonna snitch.

Anyways, this cd is not one of the ones that would be banned, though I think it's cooler than the ones that would. I can only describe it as world trip-hop music. The CD is over ten years old--I can't believe I'd never heard of it. I'm just going to post one song now; it's called "Move On" and it's by Mouth Music. The name of the CD is Shoreline. I'm going to post a few more of the songs in the future because the whole CD to me is fantastic.

And of course I don't have to say I love Belle & Sebastian. I believe that is understood by my obsession with Scottish music and Sixties-sounding bands. Yes, I love the Belle and Sebastian. Aquarium Drunk had two songs for download; the songs are awesome; they're new. They're "Act of the Apostle" and "Sukie in the Graveyard". Man, that Sukie gets in a lot of trouble.

More next week. Bed now.

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