Sunday, August 20, 2006

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

Oneida, "The Adversary"

I've been going crazy over this song for a few weeks now. I have a thing for repetition in songs--something about it just appeals to me. The same insistent bars of music, a dirgy, kind of chant-y vocal part. Much like Elf Power, this song makes me want to take up druidry (at least part-time to see if it's for me).

Oneida's website (and a strange website it is), their label and their Myspace.

Ingrid Michaelson, "Breakable" (Scroll about 1/3 of the way down)

The first thing I noticed was how much she sounds like Regina Spektor. The second thing I noticed was how much I liked this song. Yes, it's a girly, lilting piano song. If you don't like those kinds of songs, then don't download it. If you don't mind a little lilting in your songs, though, I would suggest listening to this.

Michaelson, Ingrid
Ingrid Michaelson
(Her website and Myspace)

Boy Kill Boy, "Suzie"

I'm so happy the 80's resurgence hasn't gone away yet. Yes, I realize at least half of the people reading this are groaning right now and wishing 80's music had never happened in the first place, but that's okay. They're entitled to their life without glitter and splatter paint. I'm happy knowing new 80's songs are still being released. (The 80's comparison is helped by this band having a song called "Maneater". It sounds more like Joe Jackson, though, which is great, too.)

Boy Kill Boy
Boy Kill Boy looking more The Kinks than Adam and the Ants

Bill Kill Boy's website, their label site and Myspace

Klee, "This Is For Everyone"

This is a little bit like the "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing" song from the 70's (hey--Coke updated the commercial so you youngin's might've heard it). It's like that famous Coke commercial from my childhood because it's about embracing people, life, etc. I know--the antithesis of everything I stand for. However, this is a very lovely song and it makes me almost, kind of want to be embraced. Hey--what are you looking at? You wanna start something?

Myspace and website

The National, "Minor Star of Rome" (Scroll down, down, down to the bonus song. Also check out the version of "Lit-up referenced. It's going on my next podcast).

I have no friggin' idea what this song about--all he says is "You're miles behind your sister". Is it about Emperor Commodus and how his sister supposedly tried to murder him? Anyway, it's an awesome song, and I love The National.

The National (no, that's neither Sean Lennon nor James Mercer from the Shins in the background. At least I don't think it is.)
(Their Myspace and their website.)

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