Monday, January 01, 2007

I made a new podcast! I'm so proud! Let's all rejoice!

CERULEAN'S LOVE OF MUSIC, EPISODE TEN, In Which Lola Makes a Wise Decision, and Everyone in the World Takes Notice

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Band 1: 20 Minute Loop, "Ambassador", downloaded through the Daily Dose podcast (though I can't find it now)

Band 2: Jollyship The Whiz-bang, "Pyrate Love" from their site.

Band 3: Gentlemen Reg, "Give Me The Chance To Fall", found on their label's website.

Band 4: Tam Lin, "Dark Heart", courtesy of his website

Band 5: Haley Boner, "Captain, Captain" from the Spin Song of the Day.

Band 6: The Slip, "Even Rats", featured on Filter's Artist To Watch page.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cerulean,

I discovered your blog yesterday after googling a song and your blog came up in the list of search results.

I really enjoyed your podcast today and am looking forward to the next.

I have subscribed to you rss feed(the blog not podcast, I can download
the podcast after you blog it).

Keep up the great work.

My only complaint is that the song Asobi Seksu, "New Year's Eve" from your last post was encoded in a very low bitrate and was so bad I could not stomach listening to it!



Lola said...

I'll experiment with encoding it in higher bitrates next time. I usually just use whatever bitrate comes up! Thanks for the nice words, though. I hope you continue to read and listen to the cast/blog.