Tuesday, January 30, 2007


It's late, but it's here. I titled it "Tired and Crotchety" for a reason!

Direct Download

1) Six Parts Seven, "Falling Over Evening" (from Suicide Squeeze)

2) The Folk Yous, "Heat of the Moment" (Asia cover) (from their Myspace)

3) BM Linx, "Understanding Orange" (sent to me in an e-mail from the band). Their Website and Myspace

4) Bloc Party, "So Here We Are" (Peel Session) (from their Website)

5) Old 97's, "Adelaide" (from their Website)

6) Youth Group, "Shadowland" (from anti.com)

7) Boy Least Likely To, "Be Gentle With Me" (from last year's South By Southwest Website)

This podcast includes a mistake. Yes, a mistake. Me, a mistake. A music mistake. I thought the song "Shadowland" was originally done by Echo and the Bunnymen or Ian McColloch (sounds like one of their songs!) but I was getting it mixed up with "Candleland", which is an Ian McColloch song. I was going to start all over so I could erase my shame, but I'm tired and only 3 or so people download these podcasts anyway (and that's including me), so I'm letting the glory of the moment ride.

I was so sure it was a cover that I closed out the podcast without verifying. Oh well. Lesson learned (hopefully).

So like a $3 bill or a book with ten page tens, the mistake will be starkly tangible. There for all who hear it. Maybe it'll be worth something one day!

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