Sunday, April 15, 2007

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

The Airborne Toxic Event - "Does This Mean You're Moving On?":
(From the 2007 self-released EP The Airborne Toxic Event)

This song makes me want to jump up and down. It reminds me of bands like Madness and The English Beat. That makes me happy.

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Airborne Toxic Event
The Airborne Toxic Event

Arizona, "David" (From the album Welcom Back, Dear Children...thanks to Woxy)

I first heard this song, along with many of their other songs, as part of an in house live session from Woxy internet radio. My first impression was that it was interesting--it definitely had potential, but I could tell that the live version was kind of scratchy and I'd need to hear the recorded version to be able to judge it. When I did hear the non-live version, I realized it had a grandiosity (of the non-pretentious variety) that was captured best with studio production. This song would've fit right in as a reflective moment on a prog-rock record (Yes? Maybe a little Led Zeppelin in the guitar strumming)--a quiet moment gives way to thrashing, crashing guitar, and the singer has a lilting, lifting falsetto that follows the song through each stage.



The National, "Fake Empire" (From the album Boxer...thanks to Salon for the song)

Finally, the follow-up to one of my favorite albums of the decade. Their previous album, Alligator, reminded me what I loved about music: unique melodies, a rich, powerful vocal and strong, strong music. The new song shows the combination has not been abandoned.


The National

Aveo, "The Idiot On The Bike" (from the album Battery. Thanks to KEXP)

They're not British, but something about this song makes me want to go to a pub, hit a beer bottle over my head, yell "Oy!!!" and start a bar fight. I don't know why. I think it has something to do with the loud, unrelenting drums and the tense, underlying bass line. Or maybe it's the guy going "lalalalalalala" like he's taunting me. Maybe it's the nihilistic tone of the lyrics--the dude talks about explosions and such. Either way, dancing to it is a good release.

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Nouveau Vague, "Dancing With Myself" (thanks to Coverville)

It doesn't hurt that this is one of my favorite Billy Idol songs (tying with "White Wedding" and "Eyes Without A Face" for the top position), but this version of the song is so different that it makes me feel like it's a completely different song. Imagine getting the chance to hear an old, old favorite for the first time again. That's how I feel when I listen to this.


Nouvelle Vague

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