Sunday, April 22, 2007

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

(FYI: New podcast probably tomorrow night)

Delaney, "La Nuit On a Toujours Tout" (Thanks to Pehr Records)

I've taken a total of six years of French in my lifetime: one year in middle school, all throughout high school, and four quarters in college. That's a lot of French (though admittedly not as much as someone who's native speech is French).

Anyhow, armed with my six years of French, I can confidently attest that the title of this song is in French, that "la nuit" means "the night" and "toujours" is "always". I cannot tell you anything else about the title and absolutely nothing about the lyrics.

They say use it or lose it. They ain't kidding.

Ooh...I feel like I'm in a French Bistro in old-world France when I hear this song. I feel like a smokey-voiced chanteuse is singing to me. I suddenly want to walk on an old cobblestone pathway, in a quiet village at sunset. Oh, stop me before I get out Before Sunset.

This isn't a new song, but it's new to me...ya da ya da...y'all know the drill.

Such pretty violin...I feel all spindly and tingly.

Label Site


Winterpills "A Folded Cloth" (from Fanatic)

I love every song I've heard from this album. I mean love, love, love. Like I love Rogue Wave. Like I love my boyfriend. Like I would love snow if I ever got to see it. Like I loved Hello Kitty when I was 8. It's the kind of love that gets in my bones and makes me feel all spindly and tingly (kind of like the first song).

It's true love. I couldn't decide what to pick, so I went for the legitimately obtained one (hey, even an mp3 blogstress wants to be above board when she can). They're all excellent, though--I would recommend looking for "Pills For Sara" too. (Just go to Hype Machine and put in the song title or band). I'm certainly going to put one of the others on my podcast this weekend.

Label Website


Matzak, "Dadaughter" (thanks to the blog Shake Your Fist)

Ooh! His Myspace says he's French, too--well, it says he's from Paris. How about that? This song is very ambient electronica--my favorite kind of electronica. If you close your eyes and let your conscious go, you may forget where you are. "Let your mind go and your body will follow" (thank you, Steve Martin, for that wonderful quote).

Label Website (though I can't find his listing)

Matzak, in repose.

Math and Physics Club, "Weekends Away"

I love the name of their band (I always wanted to be a math or physics geek...even chemistry would've been cool. I was in the French club, though. What did I get from it? Okay, a trip to France and England. I can also say "My tie is blue" in French. Mon cravat est bleu.) Anyhoo, this is a nice, light, slightly wispy song--reminiscent of Belle & Sebastian or The Ocean Blue (circa "Between Something and Nothing") The song makes me want to go for a weekend away. Somewhere slow-paced...maybe Stars Hollow (someone needs to whip those Stars Hollow residents into shape).

More mp3s available at their Website
Myspace (Fan-operated)

Math and Physics Club apparently enjoy sport, also.

Matt Coldrick, "Crown Violet Selflessness"

Because everyone knows Crown Violets are like the Florence Nightingales of the flower kingdom. Also, because it's a very beautiful, relaxing ambient piece of music. Suck it, John Tesh!

Label Website (I get the sense that Absolute Ambient is Matt Coldrick--I looked up the album name Music For A Busy Head and I regularly got his name as the composer, though the sub-name is "Absolute Ambient Volume 1"). CDBaby gives a good explanation of who he is.

Matt Coldrick, album cover for Music * For A Busy Head

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