Sunday, May 06, 2007


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Four Fifty One, "Socks and Shoes", thanks to IODA Promonet.


Astrid Swan, "When You Were Young" (Killers cover) from Astrid Swan's website (thanks to Liza, of Copy, right?)


llinois, "Screen Door", thanks to Filter


Shapes and Sizes, "Head Movin", thanks to the promotional company Toolshed for the mp3 (specifically for podcasters and bloggers)

Shapes and Sizes

Soft Lightes, "The Microwave Song", thanks to AOL Music Blog


Scott Von, "Two Eyes", thanks to Inhouse.


EDITED: If I'd had half a brain (or even any brain at all), I would've remembered that I could've gotten more information on the version of "Two Eyes" from Inhouse With Jeremy Petersen's blog. The song is from this show, and it was recorded in the Inhouse studio. The other half of the Scott Von duo is Cary Morin. Thank you Jeremy for reminding me of that!


Okay, thank you for listening to my 18th episode. Please come back in two weeks for the next one :)

(Oh yeah, I made a mistake in the podcast--no! Horror!. I said that the "podcast people"--sorry about that, too--come every week to hear my podcast. If you do come every week, I'm sorry you're disappointed every other week. I only podcast every two weeks--I know that, but I'm just tired. I do post a blog every week, though.)

Oh, and also Tres Important! Before you call PETA, the cat I was mock yelling at on the podcast, Moxie, is my iCat. She is not a real cat--she runs on batteries and music. Also, she was a willing participant in the skit I did :)

If you ever want to know what podcasting is:


Jeremy said...

Hey Lola-

A bit of info on Scott Von's "Two Eyes"-- it was actually recorded live in our studio for this show. The other guy in the duo is named Cary Morin. Thanks again for the link....

Lola said...

Thank you :) If I'd thought about it, I would've realized it. I'll put a note in the shownotes.