Sunday, September 16, 2007

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DragonCon sign

I have finally uploaded my Dragon*Con photos.

See them here.

I've realized a few things. Even though I was using a nice camera, it was not suitable for taking good long-range photos. Also, I was very frikkin' far away from the stage in all the panels I went to.

Also, I neglected to get enough pictures of costumed con-goers. Instead I opted for twenty or so granulated photos of Stargate actors. I love my Stargate, though! (and Star Trek, too--no one whooped and hollered like I did during their panels).

I had such an amazing time there. I'm already wanting to plan for next year. We did a good job planning this year, though. We saw most of the panels we wanted to see. The only sucky thing is we kept getting bad service at restaurants. I attribute that to all the restaurants being for tourists. They probably don't care so much how well they do because they know most people are just passing through. Seriously, the restaurants we went to sucked. Next year we're not leaving the convention area for food. The service may still suck, but at least we won't be walking far for it.

Oh, and next year we're going to try to go to the Georgia Aquarium. We walked up there this year, but we only had a few hours, and when we found out the cover charge was $25 per person, we decided to wait until we had more money.

I didn't get to buy much because we spent almost all of our money on food, transportation and hotel room. I just ended up buying a $35 skirt. It's a pretty skirt, though.

I'm not complaining about not buying a lot--my sole purpose there was to have fun, see lots of cool costumes, see a lot of the people involved in my favorite TV shows and talk to other fans about the shows. I got all that. I got way more than my cover charge's worth.

Also, I plan to take some time soon and look up all the podcasting panelists I saw speak. I want to check out their podcasts and look at their podcasting methods. I'll try to write about it when I do.

I spent a lot of time after the con looking for other people's better pictures of the costumes, since I sucked and failed to get hardly. I found several sites with good pictures.

Clarification: I did not take these pictures, nor do I know the people who took them, or the people in the shots. I thought they were just really good pictures of the con.

Here's the Dragon*Con Flickr group
All Flickr photos tagged with Dragon*Con
Greylock's Flickr (this is such a gorgeous photo)
Slideshow of all public photos on Flickr tagged with "Dragon*Con"

Hopefully next year I'll get more pictures! Next year we plan on getting there earlier and maybe staying a day or so later.

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