Sunday, October 07, 2007

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By

The Shout Out Louds, Tonight I Have To Leave It

Okay, so let's state the obvious. OMG this guy sounds just like Robert Smith. It's the Cure song that got left off of the A-Sides and the B-Sides. It's a special unreleased Cure song only I have?

No...actually, despite its major Robert Smith Cureness, it is not The Cure. It is a band called The Shout Out Louds. They're not from England--they're from Sweden (there are so many good bands from kinda makes me want to move there. Is Swedish hard to learn?) The whole song reminds me of the Cure--the sweeping keyboardia, the tinkly part in the background that sounds like a Xylophone. It kind of sounds like The Cure doing an Echo song, actually.

I know describing a song by comparing it to other songs is lame, but excuse me while I find something black to wear and put on a lot of makeup. Does anyone have any really red lipstick? Not anything with too much pink or orange. Straight-on red, please.


They don't appear to be shouting outloud. Perhaps they're shouting inside..

Eugene Francis Jnr., "Poor Me"

I shall let his biography speak for Eugene Francis, Jnr. (I guess "Jnr" is a Welsh thing? We use "Jr.") and for this song. He calls it Folktronica...electric folk. Yes, I can see that term being used for this song. I want to say this song showers you with its sonics, but I can't use the description "showers" without thinking of terms I learned at gay bars (clarification: heard of, never practiced!). Instead I'll say that it washes through your mind, pushing out whatever problem you're agonizing over at the moment, leaving only a hazy desire to live the best life you can, and not to worry about all that other stuff.

(the website listed goes nowhere)

Hee Hee. Eugene Francis, Jnr. sounds sweet...

Ola Podrida, "Instead"

This is another song that washes over you, but it's quieter than the previous song. Whereas the prior song washes over you like a Tsumani, this one snakes around you like a narrow river, enveloping you before you're aware it's there. There's nothing insidious about this song, though--it's simply beautiful, quiet folk at it's best.`

(no website found)

Puppy like pizza! The guy from Ola Podrida doesn't get any pizza, though.


PJ Harvey, "Grow, Grow, Grow" (Video Only)

This is a great essay from Hallelujah The Hill's Ryan Walsh regarding music distribution and music labels. That makes me love the band even more (but what did he say about it being his band's last year?)

Video for Eugene Francis, Jnr. & The Juniors, "Poor Me"

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