Sunday, July 18, 2010

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By, Part One

**Note** I'll probably just post one more song today, and it'll probably be later today. Jacksonville's first California Pizza Kitchen has opened, and I've never been to one of those, so priority calls! Heh heh.

Ugly Casanova, "Here's to Now" (MP3 courtesy of MPR's Current Song of the Day)

One of the first "independent" songs that really got me thinking about doing my own blog was Ugly Casanova's "Things I don't Remember" (Hey! Here's the original MP3 from their label site, Sub Pop!) I annoyed, aggravated, and borderline audibly assaulted many people with my insistent droning, er, singing to this song. Anyhoos...right around there I started thinking that this independent music thing was really going on. I'd listened to labels like 4AD and Nettwerk in the 90's, but back then we listened to music on "mixed tapes", and therefore it was all very personal, but didn't feel like a movement. Around that time in the early two thousands, though, I realized that something substantial was going on.

Ugly Casanova's Isaac Brock went back to doing music with some other band he was in--Modest Mouse or something. I started to poke around the music blogs more and more to see what was out there. Eight years later Ugly Casanova has released several new songs as part of a soundtrack to a movie called 180 South. The soundtrack is on Brushfire Records.

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