Sunday, August 08, 2010

Songs That Might Otherwise Pass You By, Part Two

*Note* I think this is going to be the last song I post for the weekend. I have annoying things going on (moving) and good things going on (don't you wish you knew).

Sweet Talk Radio, "My Hallelujah"
(Couldn't find a free mp3, but it's available on Amazon, iTunes and the usual places).

This woman's voice is so fantastic that I feel a little overwhelmed. I seriously think I need to lie down. Or cry. Or both. It's just beautiful. The studio version of the song can be heard on their iLike page. Their songs can also be heard on their website.

I first heard them on Friday night's episode of "Haven". The episode ended with their song "We All Fall Down". It's not on the studio album available, but their Facebook said it's now streaming on their Band Page. They posted a link to it on their Facebook wall. It's a gorgeous song.


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Anonymous said...

Good song. In fact this band itself falls into the category of "Artists That Might Otherwise Pass You By". A great song from them is "We all fall down". Blows me away everytime!