Saturday, March 19, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week (the almost all streaming edition)

The first is in video form, and it's from a group called Aqualung. The name of the song is "Brighter Than Sunshine," and it makes me wish I were British and in love. Or at least walking down a road in an overcast English town. Another song I like which is available on the same page is "If I Fall."

The second song, in actual mp3 form, is from one of my favorite bands, Summer At Shatter Creek. This isn't from the new album; in fact I can't find it on anything but a compilation called Metaphysics For Beginners. I'm directly linking to the mp3 because I'm afraid it might disappear off the page. Hopefully the people who run thewebsite won't mind; I don't get that many hits. "Everything".

Stars, "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead." I listened to all the songs available, but this one stood out to me. The instrumentation is interesting. Click on the Navigation button and go to "Album." Another stream, unfortunately.

This is another stream (I'm sucking at finding actual music to download) but it's worth listening to. It's Kristofer Åström, "Connected." Scroll down to the bottom, and it's under Northern Blues.

And lastly, another stream. Does no one post mp3s anymore? Is that something from another era? The song is Go, and it's by a Canadian band called Bella. It can be found at their myspace site and their own site. I have the mp3, and I swear I got it from their website, but it's not there now.


Anonymous said...

We used to have the MP3's on our site, but they were much too slow. Had to make it a bit more speedy :)

Lola said...

Ha! Awesome! A band actually posted to my blog! Someone besides me knows about this blog! Bella!

I wish you still had the mp3s on your site. I think people are more likely listen to songs they don't know if they can download them and play them when they want. When I actually get to keep a song, I'm more likely to get obsessed with it and want to buy it. I just ordered three cds (The Arcade Fire, Now It's Overhead & Something For Rockets) from artists that I've heard almost exclusively online. In all three cases, I downloaded the songs, put them on my mp3 later, and a few weeks later (and several bus rides) sweet alchemy is made...