Sunday, March 13, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

Sometimes it really pays to listen to so much Scandinavian music. Sometimes I just hit pay dirt, as I have with this song. Not since the first time I heard "I saw the Sign" by Ace of Bace have I been infused with such a spontaneous, coma-enducing sugar rush. Unfortunately, I could only find streams of Annie "anniemal"'s song "Chewing Gum." Here's a second site which offers the stream. If you still can't believe, which some still can't, then here's the video. Click on the audio/video link.

Another band I just discovered literally a few days ago is Great Lake Swimmers. With that name, I expected them to sound like Red House Painters with a bit of Summer at Shatter Creek. They sound like those two bands' more energetic cousin. This song is "Bodies and Minds."

QR5, "Fallen Tree." Very nice, calming ambient music. With a fence swinging on it's hinge in the background.

The Cloud Room, "Waterfalls." Nice indie song. Just like I like them. I usually don't repeat bands (I listed this band a few weeks ago) but I really do like this song. I'm listening to it more than I listened to the "Hey Now Now" song.

Oh God. I need a little rock music. Here's a great song from The Bravery, "An Honest Mistake." This is available to stream or you can watch the video.

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