Sunday, March 06, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

Spacebar,"Where You Stay." Jacksonville band. Yay for the Jax musicians! (Lola spits up her wine in her best imitation of an overzealous drunken music fan.)

Frank Jordan, "Looked Around." Great song. Scroll right to get to the mp3s.

Something For Rockets, " Might As Well." I have a thing for kinda loungy male vocals. Witness my obsession with the song "True" by Spandau Ballet (I bought a ticket to the world, and now I've come back again.) Anyway, I like this song. Click on "Media" and then "Mp3."

Morning Recordings, "Summer Tapes." Nice, low-key song.

Mr. T Experience, "Sorry For Freaking Out On the Phone Last Night." Heh Heh. I feel like a spazzy teenager again.

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