Sunday, May 08, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

A Boy Named Thor, "
Hand Drawn Lines." It's the Nov 10th, 2004 song, number 93. This musician posted 100 songs, and this is my favorite of the ones I've heard.

"Box and Fights." Minimalist and German, Audrey is actually a band. The instrumentation is very nice--I particularly like the violin and the
guitar. The singer sounds a lot like Bjork; honestly, though, I think this song would work best as an instrumental song.

The Mountain Goats,
"Palmcorder Yajna." This song is a year old, but it's a great song. They have new material, but no downloads for it, unfortunately. Perhaps if I end up buying it, I'll do the playing this song alot. Lots of banging, crashing guitars. The lead singer syousendit thing again.

Heartless Bastards, "Runnin'." I've been ounds remarkably like Johnnette Napolitano from Concrete Blonde. This is one of those songs you sing really loudly.

Layton, "
Roundagon." I really like this song. I can't pinpoint what I like the most, but let's just say it's falsetto giddiness on a Sunday afternoon.

As a side note, I'd like to mention that there's another song I'm loving by the band Canista. I featured a different song last week ("Just A Star", which is still beautiful) but I'm now absolutely obsessing over the song
Chance at Greatness. If you like most of the music I like, you'll probably like this song.

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