Sunday, May 15, 2005

Five Songs I'm Loving This Week

Honorary Title, The "Bridge & Tunnel." Enter the site,then click on the link that says multimedia and then the link that says mp3. Thanks to Pitchfork Media for posting the mp3 originally.

Nobody, "What Is the Light." Greatsong. Downloading from Propaganda seems tricky, but it's not. Go to the right of the screen where you'll see the song. Click "listen" below the song. A little box will pop up that'll give you the option to download the song to your computer. Do that! (or just listen to it. Whatever, y'know...)

July 26th Movement, "Out of Time" I like all the songs I've heard so far, but Out of Time is my favorite so far (that could change tomorrow, or even tonight.) Thanks to Ben Loves Music for introducing me to this band.

Butch Walker, "My Best Friend's Girl" Okay, so I really like all of these versions. The version of "You Might Think" is also awesome. I love The Cars. Thanks to Copy, Right? for the link.

Salingers, The, "Drive." Nice song. Click on the "sounds" link.

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